Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steven Slater Employee of the Year

I spend a ton of time on planes due to the nature of my gig. As sure as I have a healthy backside, there is always at least one crying child and that passenger.

Most of the time the flight team, are a gang of folks just trying to do their jobs. If a lie about a delay is told, it is usually done by the ground crew. The airborne team are usually pleasant folks and even funny. Southwest is the airline I try to fly.

The well dressed self-important jack ass that has to be told everything at least three times. Turn off your phone, yeah even that app. Put your tray up. Can you please stay out of the aisle.
Please stay seated until we arrive at the terminal....

When this story caught my eye yesterday, I said GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

I met two of my dearest friends for dinner and got the silly giggles relaying the story.

I think it was a tad over the top and not necessarily a good use of resources to send a SWAT team to arrest him.

While they are making arrests, Slater should file an assault charge against that passenger who struck him in the head removing his bag BEFORE the plane arrived at the terminal.

THAT Jackass violated an assortment federal charges. He should be arrested too.

If I ever encounter Mr. Slater I'll buy him a beer....

Give Slater a standing ovation!