Friday, April 27, 2007

Andrea Mitchell quotes Phantom Polls

Not Fair, Not Balanced.

Well Done, TPM.

First Debate

Last night I attended a dinner party for women in the insurance industry, so I missed the debates. I ran into ladies who helped me throughout my career. I was pleasantly reminded of the times I was lucky enough to return the favor. I was humbled and honored.

What was striking, were the inroads we ladies have made. Many of my peers are in key positions. Twenty years ago, the most we could hope for was to be the supervisor of the secretarial pool. Joining me were two of my apprentices. For this generation, having a female boss is normal. They were stunned by the war stories that were being tossed about.

In expressing her enjoyment of the event, one apprentice asked me if men have similar events. I told her to close her eyes and think about our corporate org chart. "Oh" was her only response.

Which leads me to last night's debate. By time I made my way home, the debate was over and the pundits were providing their opinions. Surprisingly, Hillary was given a ton of props. I am not a fan of Hillary the person. But as I woman, it is always good to have a woman hold her own in that forum.

She, nor any of the boys, stumbled or made a splash. Let the games begin.

Krugman: Gilded Age

Sleep well Mr. Krugman, the New Progressive Movement is thriving.

Strike First

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boy Code?

When a child is killed in the 'hood, the first question is:"Where are his parents?"

When white boys shoot up a school, their rational is they were called "faggots."

Who is teaching these kids that calling another human names is acceptable?

Who is teaching them the only acceptable response is violence?

Why are these "rights of passage" tolerated or ignored by parents and administrators?

Neither situation speaks well of our society. There are always innocent dead victims. Is either life less valuable?

When the corporate boardrooms are made up of more than 96% white men, I will begin to weep for the difficulties of being a white male in our society.

TerranceDC's piece is long but compelling..............

Brooks, Obama, Niebuhr

The current occupant of the White House prided himself in not being "well read." Shrub has not challenged anyone's intellect.

Isn't refreshing, that someone seeking to become the most powerful man on the planet is studied.

Is Brooks trying to impress us with knowledge of Reinhold Niebuhr's work while taking a shot at Obama?


Bob Herbert

Oh I bet the NRA will crash the gates of the NY Times........

Life is Good

Ryan Howard two run homer. Chase Utley 5 for 5. Phils roll over the Nationals 9-3 for their fifth win in a row.

They Drank the Kool-Aid

The alarming, but at this point, not surprising fact, that I took from this program was it was only the non-beltway reporters who investigated the crap Shrub's administration was selling in the lead up to war.

Journalism is the only profession protected by the Constitution. By being a willing flak for this administration, these journalists violated the trust of the country. Their collective rational was fear of being unfair, liberal and unpatriotic.

You could hear the exasperation in Bill Moyer's voice.

Judith "Scooter" Miller is a disgrace. The management team of the NY Times is worse for not vetting her work. The real reporters work was buried in the newspaper, while Judy's work was given the front page, above the fold.

Phil Donahue is unemployed because he presented facts. Tim "I'm a working class kinda guy" Russert has a premo gig and is on the "A" list of "Beltway" parties. When journalists started socializing with the folks they are supposed to cover, their ability to be impartial was lost.

It also was a painful reminder of how Colin Powell, the only member of the administration who could have derailed this war, did not take a stand. By resigning before the speech, he would have sent a clear message, there a problem. Powell is worse than Judith Miller. In 90 minutes, he led the battle cry for war. An honorable career wasted. I would not pay to hear him speak.

Knight-Ridder reaches a larger audience. At the time of the lead up to war, they did not have the credibility of the NY Times and WashPo.

I trust there has been a shift in perspective.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Patriotric Pundits or Lazy Reporters

"Vote for me or die"

Keith Olberman rips Giuliani.

I love this man.

Been there, done that: Guiliani, blowhard

Is this the same Mayor who did not have did not have one radio system?

Is this the same Mayor who was standing in a pile of rubble?

Is this the same Mayor who botched the clean-up?

If he would have prevented the attack, then he would be a hero.

I don't see this as a success.


Look what I found, honey

My goodness, Shrub and company stumbled over the Constitution.

PSSSST, the local first grade social studies class in now taking applications, seating is limited.

Is it over, yet?

Recently, I have the pleasure of spending time with some old friends. Because of our insane schedules, it has been a constant struggle. Since we are in the middle of our journeys, the time has become more sacred. Tonight was no different.

My friend and I dined at a local restaurant, the food and atmosphere was perfect. We grew up in the insurance industry together. We have seen each other through career, relationship and family ups and downs. After reminiscing, our conversation turned to our country.

He, like many in my little world, is concerned with the folks who pretend to be in charge. He can't wait for the debates tomorrow
night. He just wants Shrub's term to be over. Shrub is just tiring. To call him, incompetent, inept, and evil would be redundant.

With the exception of the 29% of the population who STILL support Shrub, I think my friend has plenty of company....

We have him on the ropes

It is time for the knockout punch: IMPEACHMENT CHENEY FIRST!

Why insult the American Idol reject & her Momma?

I am not a fan of American Idol, I have other bad TV viewing habits. Without direct exposure of this program, I'm sure Shrub is a league of his own.

I think fellow blogger at Neon Gods should apologize to the American Idol rejects.......

When is Shrub's term over? Ugh

Ken Griffrey, Jr. Sleeping Giant

Ken Griffrey, Jr.'s plethora of injuries have kept him out of the home run chase.

With his pure all natural swing, it WAS anticipated that he would break Hank Aaron's home run record.

He has the talent, if he could just finish a few seasons without injuries.....

Real Estate v. Butter


Feeling Safer with a Republican President?

Reality check, you are more likely to be injured on the job, than injured or killed by Al-Queda.

Shrub did not change the sheets on the bed in the WH before he gutted Clinton's executive order strengthening OSHA and it's rules on ergonomics.

OSHA exists to protect the worker. Companies had a healthy fear of OSHA. However, it's simply not probable that an employer will experience a "random" inspection.

OSHA shows up ONLY when there is a reported violation or a catastrophic incident. They simply do not have the personnel to be effective. Working safely has a direct impact on a corporation's bottom line. It translates into fewer lost work days and lower insurance premiums.

Tragically, some companies do not spend money on "safety" unless they are faced with fines. This administration sent a clear message that we will let companies "police themselves."

By not enforcing the dreaded regulations, business has run rampant. Profits increase and quality decreases.

All you have to do is look to your sick or dead Fido to see what happens when companies are permitted to "self-police."

What have the food inspectors done for you lately?

For Guiliani to say that the country will be safer with a Republican is just silly.

You can ponder his words, when you reach for that uninspected peanut butter seated at your ergonomically incorrect work-station.

Street Cred?

Aren't children who make up the "peer pressuring group" influenced by their parents?

Phillies, Streak?

Gosh, is it premature to put Phillies and Streak in the same sentence?

Shame of the military

Being a sports and political junkie my worlds collided when the Tillman boys joined the military. They were motivated by the 9-11 incident. Their decision stunned the world. Walking away from lucrative careers to serve their country is honorable. No one would question their sacrifice.

There is NO SHAME in being killed by friendly fire. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality of war.

The SHAME is how Rummy and his minions treated his death. They lied to his family and the world. Those involved should be court-martialed.

Booman titled his post "I need to calm down." Maybe he shouldn't, nor should the rest of us.

A dejected Wolfowitz: Poor baby

In the world that the rest of us mere mortals operate in, nepotism is a big no-no.

Most employee handbooks address the issue.

Recognizing the reality that people actually fall in love, if the company is big enough, one party is moved to another department. Other companies expect a letter of resignation. We all know when love is going great, life is fabulous. After the love is gone, the wheels fall off the love mobile.

I really don't know what Wofowitz's attorney, Robert Bennett expected from the World Bank Committee. This is a basic human resource issue. Wolfowitz knew better and didn't care. He is a typical representative of the Shrub administration. Nothing they do amazes me anymore.

How ironic?

Wouldn't it just be special if Rove gets brought down by a Republican?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Third Branch of Government Matters

While all eyes were on the VT massacre, the Supreme Court struck down the "procedure" for late term abortion.

If you don't think that Supreme Court appointments are important, you are woefully misinformed.

Can't be too much of a secret

Shhhh don't tell...

I hate when these media types toy with my affection.

Gore/Obama ticket.

Timely humor from Suburban Guerilla

Love is in the air....

Friday, April 20, 2007

Not cool

Ugh, when I see parents using a child to manipulate the other spouse, it makes me crazy.

It is terrible for a parent to call his child anything other than her given name, regardless of the circumstances.

Compounding the problem was the release of the tapes.

I wonder if either parent is capable of raising this child.

I am so grateful that me & the ex always put our daughter first.

Maybe the GOP will call for Impeachment

What does it take to get fired at the White House? Fredo's testimony was testy and terrible.

Republicans facing re-election, may finally call for Shrub's impeachment...

It's April

A-Rod has been on a roll. I'll give him props. However, I must remind you that it's April. When he performs this well deep into the stretch, I'll buy a A-Rod jersey.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Sane voice in the midst of an insane situation

Sometimes, a person who is mentally ill finds a way to become armed and their insanity plays out on the world stage.

Working in the world of risk management, most tragedies can be prevented. Unfortunately, if you exercised the main tool of risk management which is "risk avoidance" you would never leave the house.

The Virginia Tech massacre is just horrendous. Period. The VT community needs time to heal, in terms that only they can define.

In the meantime, both sides of the gun control issue should take a cool off period before they get into the fray.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Define "Delete"

I am not an IT guru. However, when I delete mail, then run the server through a grinder, I can reasonably expect the e-mails to be, well, "deleted."

My goodness, funny how things work.

I have had enough of the April Showers

Silly Drama

Tom Knox is forgiving the 5 million dollar loan to his Philly mayoral campaign.

I can't believe this was even an issue. This man is worth $100 million dollars. This falls into the "so what" category.

Unfortunately, some people get into politics to make money. Clearly, Knox has taken that item off of his things to do list.

Change has to come to Philadelphia. Violence plagues the city. This is evidence of chronic problems facing the residents. Churches are the heart of the community. Schools are the brains. Both are on life support. Resources are not getting to where the most good can be done.

How much money is finding its way to friends and family of the regular cast of characters because "that is the way it is?"

Maybe Knox is the "change agent" Philadelphia so desperately needs.

Can't blame 'em

If you gave the world Shrub, drinking is an acceptable response.

HMMM, I wonder what the folks from MA will do?

Here we go....

The deafening silence from the "respectable" folks who were "admitted to Club Imus" was not lost on anyone during I-Man's rapid implosion.

For those who don't circle the wagon, the line will form to the left for more meaningless apologies.


Imus Family Values

Doug Watts.......

Sex strikes again

It is amazing how much trouble powerful men manage to get into for a booty call.

A friend in need....

Scooter Libby was a loyal servant, if not to the administration, to Lord Cheney. After being convicted of lying to the FBI, Lord Cheney has "not had the occasion" to speak with Scooter.

It is bad enough Lord Cheney is in a happy place about this war he manufactured. He could at least buy Scooter a decent cup of coffee before he starts serving his time in Club Fed.

Black Oracle

Until law abiding, educated, employed, boring black folks are no longer "invisible" in America, this problem will persist.

Alfredo is still employed, why?

The general rule of thumb in a sane work environment is to fire an employee who is incompetent or lies.

Gonzales is still collecting an government issued check why?

He doesn't work in a sane work environment.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus did not have an exclusive.....


The MSM makes Sharpton relevant. If something happens in the black community, Rev. Al is on everyone's speed dial. Imus has been tossed of the airwaves, and the rest of the world discovered Rev. Al has a radio show.

Will someone please tell me how he emerged as a representative of my people??


So Not Good

We all concur something happened that fateful night with these Lacrosse players.

Only those who were there truly know the the sorted details. We can only hope the truth eventually emerges for the healing to begin.

What followed was disgraceful. The young lady was attacked and the players were tried and convicted in the media. So not good. We need to do better. For anyone to be falsely accused it is hurtful. These kids at least had the resources to defend themselves. How many people are in jail because they couldn't afford an attorney?

As someone who has "been there, done that" the hurt and damage to the one's reputation never goes away. It is like a dull chronic ache that you learn to live with....

Unfortunately, this spectacle will make it harder for rape victims to come forward, a point that seems to be lost on our wonderful media.

The evidence which includes the victim's testimony, is not enough to indict these players.

Since we are in the apology mode, these kids deserve an apology.


Digby makes a wonderful point. I seek out the so called liberal media. I find it on the internet not the airwaves.

Like the spectacle of Anna Nicole's baby daddy drama being breaking news, journalists have lost their way. The media outlets are more focused on what's sexy versus what is news worthy. If the decision makers did their homework put out news, their profit margins would increase radically.

The pundits are more concerned about dinner party invitations that putting out real news.

For those who actually want to do real journalism, they should be given the resources to perform their jobs in a competent manner.

As for the dialogue of an old white man versus young rappers disrespecting black women, let's face facts, black women are on the bottom of the food chain. Throughout our history, we have been seen as objects to satisfy someone's sexual desire or held in contempt fear of being a sexual threat. I wish my sex life was interesting as many assume.

There is a reason we are so many different shades. Many of us have bloodlines that reach back to white slave masters.

The owners of the record labels are white men. Our young black men don't realize that once again they are being exploited by white men AGAIN. When they shit hits the fan, the first thing that happens is the "Insiderism" journalists blame you my young brothers. It is time to connect the dots.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

CBS the ball is in your court

The network heads at NBC have decided not to continue to simulcast Imus in the Morning. This was no doubt prompted by the advertisers opting out of their daytime contracts. It seems as though you just can't cancel a program.

Good. Whatever the motive, it was time for Imus to go.


Another perspective...........

Punish the Poor

Poll taxes any way you develop them are wrong..........

Free speech treason?

A gem from Suburban Guerilla.................

Not in my world

Contrary to the opinion of the boneheads on FAUX News, I have NEVER been called a bitch or a 'ho by any of the black men in my life.


No Respect

Sad but true...............

The Lady Student athletes respond

When I was a child, my father arranged for me and my brothers to attend a sports camp at Cheyney University. It was at these camp sessions we were lucky to meet Coach Stringer. She left the boys at the camp enthralled because she was beautiful.

For us young ladies, it was awesome to see this lady coach standing next to the men commanding the same respect. She was the Queen of the camp and was treated as such.

When Coach Stringer taught us basketball, she demanded excellence and accepted nothing less. As she was building our bodies, she DEMANDED that we respected her, ourselves and the English language. She was a living role model of success.

Because of that experience, I felt compelled to follow her career with pride. I carried with me the lessons she taught me. I learned that preparation (conditioning) was just as important as learning the fundamentals of the sport.

My sense of self has helped me in my personal and professional life. This is important because my basketball skills were not going to feed me.

My guess is Coach Stringer will forgive Don Imus and encourage her team to do the same. Not for him, but for them to heal.

Coach Stringer's teachings reach beyond the basketball court.

I am living proof.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"The fever is breaking"


Oh Jesse, Oh Al

Where are the fat publicity seeking preachers when this 6 year old is being carted off to jail for behaving like a 6 year old?

Imus suspended: Bush must be thrilled

The Imus team has been suspended for two weeks. I am sure the two weeks off will give Imus time to pull the cowboy boots out of his mouth.

Shrub should send Don Imus a present. Imus managed to do what no one else could, turn the national debate to race. Thanks to Imus' remarks we have not talked about the war, guns, drugs, inner city crimes, high gas prices, struggling economy, etc.

Well done.

Don Imus falls on his microphone

Don Imus spent a good portion of his show falling on his microphone. He apologized again. And again, and again.

At one point, he shared with his audience, his conversation with a black minister. The bottom line of the conversation was since you know better, can you image what the neocons are saying?

This is a great point.

Face it, Don Imus is a white man living in America. He is permitted second and third chances. I only know this because of his reported struggles with substance abuse. How many young black men are given a second chance? How many are given a good first chance? The judicial system is flooded with young black men who the system has simply written off. Whereby, in similar cases a white parent is given courtesy of a phone call.

As for the nappy hair, black women have been putting toxic waste in our hair for years to "relax" our tight curls, to fit into Corporate America. The healthiest move I made a year ago, was to braid my hair. I am in position to make that change. Some of my brothers and sisters do NOT have this luxury.

Compounding the problem is the Rev. Al Sharpton. The only purpose that Imus' appearance on Sharpton's show was to increase his ratings. If Rev. Sharpton wants to address problems in the black community, how about the loss of lives in the black inner cities?

Before the self-righteous MSM pile on, they really need to check their behavior and assumptions. When you see a black man walking down the street, do you cross? Do you bother to make eye contact and say hello?

If you see a black woman at an event, do you assume that she is part of the help?

I bet you the lady Imus receives a "May I help you?" versus simply being ignored when she goes shopping. Worse, is followed around the store?

These are elements of daily living white America takes for granted.

Cut me a break.

The only good thing that has come from this mess is a discussion about race.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Prayer is important

Instead of working with Congress to bring the troops home, he prays for their safety.

My God, gives us free will.

Clearly Shrub has been exercising his stubborn free will, much to everyone's dismay.

Imus must go and take baldheaded Bernie with you

I am thinking about having the Dumbass of the week Award. Behind every bit of humor is always a touch of truth.

To trash the ladies from Rutgers and call the winning team beautiful is just typical. A sociology lesson here would be redundant. Pointing out white beauty versus black beauty is painful at this point in our nation's history. Millions of dollars are spent trying to unkink our hair to walk in the white world. The best thing I ever did was to stop dumping toxic waste in my hair. My hair, sense of self and attitude are healthier.

Imus has every politician from both parties kissing his ass. Harold Ford, Jr. was a regular during the election cycle. Why? He has a ton of listeners and viewers. His shtick is to be mean. Racism is just another form of nasty. He gets away with it because he makes the radio and TV stations money. Period.

He crossed the line, AGAIN. If you are offended contact his sponsors. Even if they don't care, they will pretend to care if there is enough noise.

Be polite, but contact them.

This week's winner is Don Imus.

Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson

Sixty years ago Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play in the white world of Major League Baseball. For most baseball fans or civil rights activists it is a familiar tale of courage.

What has happens in the last years is the reduction of black participation. There are black coaches which is no longer a milestone that only we in the minority community can appreciate. White folks take these opportunities for granted. For us whom appreciate the history and the now of racial prejudice we celebrate firsts.

For endless reasons, gifted black athletes are not turning to baseball. It is easier to put together a pick up game of basketball than a baseball game. There a known rules for fouls and there is a minimum equipment requirement.

To participate on a Little League team requires a glove, bat, spikes insurance and league fees. Of course, a league has to exist. In the cities, it is a challenge to find a league. In suburbia, the sport of choice is soccer.

Some kids actually find the sport boring. (if they could only appreciate the beauty and excitement of a no-hitter) I digress.

I grew up around the sport. I had uncles who played in the Negro League. My family's history no doubt lent itself to my generation's participation in the sport. This love has been passed on to our kids.

Baseball recruits from a farm system. Little leagues, Legion, and semi-pro leagues feed the farm system. If minority athletes do not find the way into the system, they will never be in a position to be "scouted."

Major League Baseball has not helped itself. Drugs clearly were a issue. But there is the perception that MLB is targeting Barry Bonds because of the color his skin. It will be interesting to see what happens when he breaks Hank Aaron's record.

Jackie Robinson would be appalled.

Boys and their guns

The Romney camp can't decide how often the candidate has hunted. Sigh

Why do rich white guys insist upon trying to be a good ole boys? Doesn't someone have photos of John Kerry parading around in hunting gear?


"Five rugs for Five bucks"

I guess South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham needed to travel with McCain's "Flip-Flop Express" to go shopping in Baghdad.

The boys couldn't do their Easter shopping locally? I wonder if they go to the men's room together?

McCain's presidential bid is over.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I love Miami

I love Miami......

Miami as of 8:53 PM
Temperature: 70°
Wind: SSE 4 mph
Dew point: 51°
Pressure: 30.04 in.
Humidity: 51%
Visibility: 10.0 miles

I live in suburban Philadelphia. I needed my winter coat today. Did I mention the snow flurries?
How rude?

This is not the old West, It's West Philly

Charles Baldwin was one of the good guys. He was scheduled to get married. He coached little league. Now he is crime statistic.

The neighborhoods in Philly are in trouble. This is madness. Gun control has to come to Philly. Any of those NRA gun-packin' legislatures who continue to challege Phily's right to put an end to this senseless killing should have to live in the quiet neighborhood of 58th & Pine for a week.

Tough on Gays

I simply don't get it. Our community is so hard on the gay faction of our community. We were/are oppressed. Why in God's name do we DISCRIMINATE AND OSTRACIZE these folks? They have no more control of their orientation, than a child has on the color of his skin. For people to suggest this is a choice, well, is just silly.

Why would someone chose to be in the group that everyone feels safe in treating like crap? I have an employee in Divinity school who struggles with his gay prejudices on a daily basis. I parked my gay employee in the cubicle next to him. This should help his spiritual journey.

Is this a terrible example of "kick the dog" syndrome? In the last election, the neocon's reached out to the black clergy to line with them AGAINST the issue of gay marriage. If they can manage to find a stable relationship, give them a vehicle to honor it.
Let's them have the opportunity to screw up relationships like the rest of mere heterosexuals.

Discrimination for any reason is not right. For our community to treat the gay community is so unCHRISTlike.

I challenge you, what would Jesus do? My guess is show kindness and compassion. It's Holy Saturday, try to show a little love.

Credit Ford Motor CEO saves presidency...sigh

Let's see Shrub was about to put something in the wrong place. Too bad the CEO can't redirect Bush on other issues.

Cheney is worse, Cheney is worse, Cheney is worse....

Obama is different

Unfortunately, it takes millions of dollars to run for any major office. This presidential election is expected to cost a billion dollars. That is just crazy but that is a rant for a different day.

Like it or not, by Obama raising 25 million makes him different from the previous black candidates. He has combined grassroots outreach and the internet to reach actual voters.

Even if he does not prevail, this is good for our country.

As long as the check clears

We ignore our children and our seniors. An assisted living facility by design does not provide the same level of care of a skilled nursing facility. Most of us hope we die before we are parked in one of these institutions on our way out.

These facilities are under regulated and usually poorly staffed by underpaid employees. Because the pay is so low, these employees either work a ton of overtime or another shift in another facility. The result is tired, cranky, careless workers. Who suffers? The poor slobs stuck in these facilities. The residents are afraid to complain for fear of being abused. Or, their grievances are summarily dismissed as senility.

For a senior to die without dignity is terrible.

Sunwest will quietly settle this lawsuit and continue to cash the checks of the elderly before they cashout.

Deadliest obsession

Deadliest Catch

I am not embarrassed to say that I am hooked on the "Deadliest Catch." I was mindlessly flipping through channels when I stumbled upon this show. Maybe because it's so dangerous or the insane crew. Who knows, maybe I just like it. Since it made it to Wikipedia, I am clearly not alone....

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deadliest Catch is a documentary-style television series that documents the events aboard six fishing boats in the Bering Sea during the Alaskan king crab and Opilio crab fishing seasons. The show is named "Deadliest Catch" because the crew of these boats are at a high risk of death or injury due to the conditions of the sea during the seasons they fish, earning the title of most dangerous job in the world. The show was created after the success of a three-part miniseries about Alaskan crab fishing called America's Deadliest Season (also created by Thom Beers). Deadliest Catch premiered on the Discovery Channel on April 12, 2005. The first season had ten episodes with the last airing on June 14, 2005. Season two was filmed one year later and began airing on March 28, 2006. Season three began airing April 3, 2007.
The opening theme for the TV airings is "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi, although this song is not used on the official DVD release of the first season. The spots for Season Three feature an updated and faster version of the hit STYX song "Come Sail Away" performed by the punk rock cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.
In North America, the series is narrated by Mike Rowe, while Bill Petrie narrates the show in Europe.

BTW Sig's crew is my favorite.

Temper, Temper

Madame Speaker responds..........

The sound you hear...

The sound that you hear from the south is not disappearing glaciers caused by global warming....

Yes, hell is freezing over.

Matt Lauer you are not on the Nightly News

Maybe because Lauer gets up at 3 am to report to work, he is simply sleep deprived.

Last time I check Ms. Couric got to the evening news slot. Lauer should really stick to the Tom Cruise interviews.

Color of Change: Sign the Petition

Fox News has been the VERY OFFICIAL propaganda machine for this White House. They proudly attack everything that is not rich and white. Only the wannabees are naive enough to think that Ailes and Company would welcome them at their table. Unless you were washing their cars, mowing their lawn or changing their sheets. (No pun intended)

I am simply stunned that the CBC would hop in bed with this crew. Need I remind my brothers and sisters in the CBC, that we were only recently granted the very Constitutional rights that this administration has simply ignored?


Ok who is getting paid?

Tavis steps up

Edwards opts out of the second FOX/CBC debate.

Tavis Smiley has offered a good alternative venue. It will be interesting to see what the DNC does...

McCain admits that he "misspoke"

When the MSM throws McCain under his Staight-Talk Express, he had no choice but to face the music.

While the Sunday talkfest should be interesting. It is not lost on me, that he will fall on the knife on Easter Sunday. Viewerhip will be down.

Easter is the most attended church service of the year.

Moon over DC: Shrub discards balance of his term

Typical frat boy prank. Shrub dropped his pants, bent over and told Congress and his employers to kiss his fat ass.

Before he departed on yet another vacation to his fake ranch, Shrub appointed his Swiftie boy to the represent our country in Belgium.

There was no way this appointment was going to fly. So after bitching about Congress being on "Spring Break" he pulled this stunt.

Does he think that a change didn't occur in November? The people have spoken and continue to speak. Only Cheney and the neocons support the decisions of this administration. In order to lead our country out of the abyss, there must be cooperation from our these two branches of government. This will not happen as long as this child resides in the White House.

Hey Shrub this is not your college frat house. This is my country you are f@#$ing......

No Passport Required

New Orleans was a mess before Katrina. High incident of crime and corruption plagued the city. After Katrina, things have gotten worse. Many survivors simply left and started elsewhere. There was an outpouring of time and money, we witnesses and celebrated the best in human nature. Of course there was fraud because there are humans involved. The media focuses on the individual fraud but what about the millions wasted or diverted to no bid contract?

The gang at all things democrat make a good point. Maybe the Lady Speaker should lead a delegation to the forgotten city?

Bush unfit to Lead: This is not news

Impeach Cheney first......

Cut them a break

The good news is the British hostages were released. What is deplorable is watching the MSM tear them to shreds. They parade ex-military who have never been in that situation and trash the Brits.

Only those who have been in that situation are qualified to criticize the hostages. What a great way to treat our major ally who blindly followed us into a questionable war.

The limelight grabbing retired military should channel their outrage at the leaders who made the Middle East so volatile. Or, the conditions the injured military are returning to.... Walter Reed Hospital springs to mind.


A-Rod doesn't deliver again

Spring is in the air. Baseball season has officially started. In a clutch situation, A-Rod doesn't get the crucial hit.

All is right with the universe.

Neocons chapped asses

It is sad now that Blair has nothing to lose, he exercises the judgement that could have kept him from Shrub and in office.

His diplomatic efforts must chap the neocons asses....

No Policy links for Hillary

Steven D wonders:

"Don't you think maybe she ought to make it easy for us to find out where she stands on the issues, too?"

If our gal Hill actually states her position, then she can't nuance her way out of it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Next Pelosi will have to put Shrub across her knee...

When parents grow weary of a child's temper tantrums, they simply tell the child to knock it off. If the behaviour persists, a stronger punishment ensues.

In sane households, there is generally not a need to give a child a spanking. Since Shrub in not a normal child, extraordinary measures are required.

Madame Speaker, put down your gavel, and pick up your paddle.

Unfortunately, that crazy bastard would enjoy it....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's about time

Karl Rove has created and lived in a bubble with his bubblemate, Shrub. Finally, he is receiving the "greeting" that he deserves.

It will not happen again because the Secret Service will do a security sweep, like the gastapo and the little man will be protected.

Ironically, he was one of the masterminds behind sending our kids to war. If I recall, they were to be "greeted" as liberating heros. The Iraqi would throw flowers at their feet.

The flowers seem to keep blowing up.


Boycott Circuit City

There comes a time when we have to relinquish our role as consumers and embrace our citizen obligations.

The time is now. We should join Stu Bykofsky's call to boycott Circuit City.

It is disgraceful that they are tossing the seasoned loyal field staff with inexperienced rookies. All for the purpose of improving corporate bonuses. What these "replacements" don't realize is that if they manage to stay, they will find themselves in the same position.

These discarded folks are your neighbors. Think about it.

I am shopping for a new TV. I will not buy it from Circuit City.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Two Brits confess

Of the confessions are coerecd...

The Iranian President will not be happy until, Blair or Shrub bombs his country.

Shrub fires Fredo!

The money could have been spent on the wounded

Sen. McCain is a jackass. The money that was spent protecting him on this campaign trip could have used on the wounded soldiers. Hell, it could have completely rebuilt Building 18.

How about the folks from Arizona sending him into an early retirement?

Progressive Movement: The future is now

Booman is on the money, again.

The Dems became Republican lite during the Clinton administration. Unfortunately, this is when the dems lost their soul.

What Hill and the DLC failed to realize is that the progressive movement is very much alive.

Like a relationship that has run it's course, it is time for the progressives to move on from Sen. Clinton.

April Fool's Day continues, Chris Wallace punks McConnell

Chris Wallace, yep that Chris Wallace challenged McConnell on his defense of Shrub....

For real......


No hell is not freezing over....

Freedom of Speech at its worst

Obama's April Fool's Day joke

Say it isn't so...

David Broder is like skim milk

I don't care for either......


James Vanderbilt's adaptation of Robert Graysmith's book is wonderful. The 2 hours and 40 minutes moved effortlessly. The blood and guts were a little much for me but were used in context.

It reveals how the murderer took more than the lives of those he killed.

As a viewer, I connected with the obsession. Most of us, if we are honest, have permitted an obsession to take over our life at least once. A parent, child, job, hobby and of course the object of one's affection.

What's your latest obsession?

Walk of Shame: Terminated employee returns

I hate firing an employee. As bad as the process is for me, it is worse the the terminated employee.

The lastest employee, CW was employed a mere eight months. Forty five of those days, she was on a work improvement plan. I have been in the working world for almost 30 years, I have never encountered a human so openly hostile.

There are some basic office etiquette rules:

> Greeting your coworkers upon your arrival. A basic "hello" will suffice.
> Not initially copying your boss on correspondence to your peers
> Using basic english
> Not fighting with your clients
> Actually performing your work

When CW joined our organization, she informed me that she would have to move and change schools for her children. I gave her the flexibility to take care of home as long as she got her work done.

It took about thirty days before her peers wanted to kill her. I called her in to chat with her. I suggested that she lighten up. CW did inform me that she came from an environment where there was little client interaction. She was given a certain "authority" to work her files. However, copying her boss on her e-mails was mandatory. Considering that she came from a competitor with a similar environment, I was a little surprised.

She was generally stunned that we were having this conversation. What emerged from our conversation was that she has worked in a mostly white environment. She was always treated poorly because she was Muslim, the situation got worse after 9-11. My office is culturally and socially diverse. We have everything ranging from a black flamboyant homosexual to an Egyptian. Even my minister in training wanted to choke her. She admitted no one was treating her poorly.

Not a good sign. She is an African-American woman with three kids, I wanted her to succeed. I advised her that we are a team. If she checked her attitude at the door, she would be fine.

The noise calmed down a little with her peers. Then the provider and client calls began. I tried without success to work with this woman.

What is remarkable that she has worked in our industry for seven years. I have to wonder if her previous managers were afraid to have the conversation that we had for fear of being called a racist. Not holding her to the same standards as her peers to me is a worse form of racism.

I digress.

Thursday was beautiful and the day before payday. HR sent CW's termination package which included eight weeks severance pay. The promise the company would not challenge her unemployment is part of the deal.

I scheduled the meeting with her late in the day. I let the rest of the staff go early to enjoy the day. The thought process was prevent her from the "walk of shame." That was the plan.

I met with CW with my associate. The encounter was brief. I explained the terms of the termination. I specifically informed her that "tomorrow is your official last day but since I have given you your check you do not have to come in."

CW got up, shook my hand, cleaned out her desk and left. It appeared my associate took it harder than she did.
Next I did all of the funky stuff that comes with a termination, notifying staff, clients, and making the security changes.

End of story right? Why would it be?

The next morning, I get an e-mail from my lead adjuster informing me that CW showed up to work. My receptionist buzzed her in before she checked her e-mail.

Happy F@#$ing Friday!

I just returned from a workout, so I had to bathe, as to not worsen an already funky situation. I called my associate to share the fun news and to see if he was closer to the office. Because of the nature of our relationship, the mere call from me, he knew something wasn't cool. He was as stunned as I. All he said was WTF???

Even with a shower, I accepted the fact I would get to the office before him.

In the fifteen minutes, this process took, thoughts of an angry exchange to "Office Space" scenarios ran through my mind.

On the way to work, I called HR and informed her of the situation. She just started laughing. I thanked her for her help and hung up. Good grief.

When I arrived the office was very quiet. Very unusual for a claims office. I went to her station and asked her to "please leave."
" I didn't want to leave a mess" was her response. Please keep in mind I had removed all but one account so that she could not do anymore harm during her final days of employment.

She had to walk by all of her peers who quietly turned away. Even though they were glad to see her go, it was sad how it ended.

She had to take the "Walk of the Shame."