Wednesday, February 02, 2011

$100 fee for Birth Certificate

h/t mithras

I suppose the purchase of these birth certificates should close any budget gaps.........

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Honorable Chris Smith (R) NJ's Foreplay

Anyone familiar with the trek up the NJ Turnpike is familiar with the horrible stench along the way. I always attributed it to the local industry. Little did I know the stench hailed from the not so Honorable Chris Smith proud card carrying member of the Republican Party's local office.

The Conservative Mantra is deregulation and shrinking of the government. Soooooooooo why do THEY have this need to constantly try to control a woman's body.

An abortion is paid for by the government, in the event of rape or a mother's health is at risk.

Chris Smith wants to change the definition of rape.  Saying "No" is not enough for Chris. She has to be drugged and assaulted. Isn't the very nature of rape is a violent act........not a sexual one?

For the sixteen lady Republicans that fell in line with the Republican boys, they have no place in policy making.  Go home, put on a flowered apron and bake Viagra sprinkled cookies.

The Republicans complained that Obama failed to focus his attention on jobs. How does this bullshit bill put the unemployed back to work?

Clearly, Mr. Smith has never gotten laid voluntarily. But really, should he try make his foreplay legal?

h/t Think Progress

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

America you are so yesterday

I wish I could say that I was surprised by this article.

It started with the manufacturing jobs then the IT gigs followed.

The Republican base the top 2% are critical to shipping these jobs overseas. They in turn either brainwash or bully the upper management of their companies to increase revenue per employee.

Subcontracted jobs are not counted in this formula.

They do not have worry educating their children because they are sent to private school. No need for public education.

We got ours, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

Quietly they moved entry level white collar jobs overseas. These were the gigs where a person could get a foot in the door and have a shot at seizing the a decent job.

Now they have successfully demonized public school teachers. If I hear one more time a little old lady rail that second graders just cut out snow flakes.......

My 4 year old pre-school grandson who by no means is a Mensa candid has more technology skills than one of my senior sales guys.

How about talking to a 4 year old not at them....

Or recommitted to your country by supporting reasonably priced secondary education that prepares the CURRENT generation for decent jobs.

What is the upside to obtaining an expensive education with no hope for having a job to pay off the debt?

We need to support our new infrastructure through education, green jobs and 20th century transportation.

Maybe because Europe did not have the luxury of our wide open spaces, but it really shouldn't take two hours to get to DC from Philly.

Take the car off of the Pacific Highway return to the rails. Brain power and decent jobs.

We all need to revisit our attitudes. Those people have become US.

Or large employers who actually care about their country.

Yeah, I am playing the patriotism card.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Soundtracks of my Life: Lady T, Teena Marie

College for me was the beginning of trying to break out and embrace new friends, experiences and of course music.

In 1979 WDAS was the only soul station on the local airwaves. On my way back to school, Deja Vu poured out of my car (vintage 74 pinto) radio. Wow. The song, her voice spoke to me.

Once I was white Gisele on horseback riding free
Searching in the darkness for a piece of me

The white Gisele should of given me a clue. The songstress with a voice of angel was white, but at the time and now it didn't matter.

I was hooked. Whenever, she had a new record (not CD cherubs), I had to have it.

I can feel it for sure, I've been here before

Like her, a Music Man stole my heart. Like her, he broke my heart. In fairness to him,
he never lied to me. I thought my love would be enough for you know how that familiar story goes.

Once I was a Queen, you know, on island by the sea
With rainbow colored people 
Happy as can be
Never had a problem
Never had a care
love was overflowing
and its feeling shared

I had no idea we were so close in age. She is five years my senior which will explain how she seem to always capture my emotional state in a timely manner.

Seeking freedom and musical control, she successfully sued Berry Gordon and Motown. Talented but not afraid to fight.

She seemed to be...well normal and real, compared to most celebrities.

She had a plan to stop touring but was scheduled to perform this weekend.

My search for a piece of me continues.

My prayer is that she is "not coming back no more."

Thanks for the music, my Wild and Peaceful sister

May you find peace,

Friday, December 24, 2010

This isn't supposed to happen for Philly Phans

There must be some sort of cosmic activity happening for Philly Phans. First we beat the dreaded Cowboys in Jerry's house.

Then Cliff Lee turns down New York's bright light, crazy Steinbrenners and some money to return home to the Bank. 

Welcome home Big Daddy.

A very nice early Christmas present.

OK, life's good. My President is getting some critical legislation passed but that is another post.

Going into the Eagles V Giants game, there was the acceptance that this season has unfolded into to something special. No one was expecting a winning season. 

Hell we beat Dallas and we have Cliff Lee.

This why they play 60 minutes. The first three quarters and half of the fourth quarter were just ugly. 

But like watching a train wreck you couldn't take your eyes off of it.

What occurred would have never happened under McNabb, Vick took this team on his back and dumped sea salt in the wounded hearts of the New York fans. (Welcome to our familiar nightmare.)

My phone was noticeably silent until the kick.

Reid put Mr. Philly on the field, but there was no way they would punt to him. With 14 seconds on the board, we could hope for overtime.


At first, Mr. Too Cute, fumbled the ball, which ended up being a good thing, then magic happened.

I'm sure, that I wasn't the only person running in my living room, because Jackson needed my help.


I remember the Herm Edwards original Miracle in the Meadowlands.

While I have a mad crush on him, this is even better.

Once it all sunk in my phone blew up..

OMG- my kid

Did you see that?- several friends

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllll-----my buddy from Texas

The one that summed up it was from a co-worker

"This isn't supposed to happen for us Philly Phans."

Maybe it is..........

NCAA Silly Rules Part Whatever

The NCAA has just suspended some kids from Ohio State for selling their own stuff. Yeah their stuff, not somebody else's stuff their stuff. The why behind the sell is irrelevant.

This body of certifiable money hungry jackasses decided to suspend these kids NEXT year. Why? These kids are the core of the starters for a major bowl game.

If they were bench warmers or participants in the Sammy Sub Shop bowl this wouldn't even be a story.

My guess and it is not an original theory, that since they are starters and a major bowl game, hence the postponement of the punishment.

Did I mention these kids sold their own stuff?

The NCAA is a minor league for the NFL and the NBA. The schools score a ton of money off of the backs of these kids. If they get hurt or find themselves in trouble they are replaced like the equipment they have become.

Don't get me started about the insanity surrounding Cam Newton and his father who is a man of God.

Let's stop with the silly convenient rules and stop exploiting these kids.

Do they get a degree?  Yeah, in some cases, but the critical education is those with the gold make the rules.

Why do I think those faceless rules committee in the NCAA are Republicans? We want less government in our/your lives unless you are living in a manner they do not understand, like or care for.

Let's accept this entity as a minor league and govern itself accordingly...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election 2010 from the polls

11:30 am
I am serving in the capacity of poll watcher this morning. Very little drama. I'm sure they pulled the actual poll workers from the local nursing facility. They can't hear and can barely see but the voters have been exceptionally patient for these are their neighbors.

If we get a 25% turnout we should be in good shape.

Election 2010

Election 2010 will be the most important election of my lifetime. Not to be melodramatic, but what happens on this day will determine what course this country will take.

The Republicans and too many Blue Dog Democrats have held the country hostage. It is evident, they have the personal desire to have power, not run this country.

For a bunch of reasons, I have shut down my corporate travel and spent the last month working with the Coordinated Campaign (Onorato, Sestak &Trivedi).

The GOTV activities will continue today.

What is not being reported is the ground game. The five counties surrounding Philadelphia have been trending blue for years and has been buzzing with activity. Most of my friends who basically sat out after 2008, returned to action.

I love this unperfect  President. He has done a dreadful job informing the public of his good works. He has tripped over his intellect. For being such a good communicator during the campaign, the weight of managing the country has crush that Obama.

Whenever I am in the campaign offices, there is local and national workers and volunteers.

I strongly contend the pollsters are missing the folks like me whose primary phone is not a landline. I am not in the dismissed demographic of young people who don't show up.

Furthermore, my very passionate Republican friends, are by their words frightened by the candidates running in Pennsylvania and don't get them started about O'Donnell and Paul. (I can only hope, if they can't hold their noses and vote D they stay home.)

Regardless of the outcome, Obama needs to hire a good PR person to at least get the budgets passed.

Well, the sun it out which always has an impact on Dem turnout. We don't have umbrellas??? I digress.

Go Vote!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sitting Vice President not Welcome in Radnor, PA

Central PA, Alabama, Russia maybe....

But in the suburbs of Philadelphia?

A very nice civics lesson.  To think school board elections aren't important.