Friday, December 24, 2010

NCAA Silly Rules Part Whatever

The NCAA has just suspended some kids from Ohio State for selling their own stuff. Yeah their stuff, not somebody else's stuff their stuff. The why behind the sell is irrelevant.

This body of certifiable money hungry jackasses decided to suspend these kids NEXT year. Why? These kids are the core of the starters for a major bowl game.

If they were bench warmers or participants in the Sammy Sub Shop bowl this wouldn't even be a story.

My guess and it is not an original theory, that since they are starters and a major bowl game, hence the postponement of the punishment.

Did I mention these kids sold their own stuff?

The NCAA is a minor league for the NFL and the NBA. The schools score a ton of money off of the backs of these kids. If they get hurt or find themselves in trouble they are replaced like the equipment they have become.

Don't get me started about the insanity surrounding Cam Newton and his father who is a man of God.

Let's stop with the silly convenient rules and stop exploiting these kids.

Do they get a degree?  Yeah, in some cases, but the critical education is those with the gold make the rules.

Why do I think those faceless rules committee in the NCAA are Republicans? We want less government in our/your lives unless you are living in a manner they do not understand, like or care for.

Let's accept this entity as a minor league and govern itself accordingly...

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