Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tim Cole: Justice Served?

This is not a problem just for the Cole family but us as a society. I wish we funded schools as quick as we build prison.

The prisons are filled with Tim Coles.....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Joys of Lawmaking: Plumline

Thanks to my buddy Trakker, I discovered Greg Sergent's blog, Plumline.  Enjoy.

Dick Cheney Speaks: Why?

I had dinner tonight with some old friends who evidently still watch Fox News. These are reasonably bright people, BUT...

Our conversation naturally turned to current events, economy, the stimulus package and of course W.

LL offered, "I don't agree with many of the things W did, but you have to admit he kept us safe."

With a sigh, I just said, I would see how the families of 9-11 feel about how safe we he kept us.

Her husband quickly changed the conversation to Spring Training.

Field Negro has a great post on this very topic.......

Colored People Behaving Badly: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Edition

h/t afro-netzien

My head hurts............

Buy IT: Tear Down This Myth

With an upcoming cross country plane trip, I needed sanity material. To make the trip tolerable, I just purchased Will Bunch's latest book, Tear Down This Myth.

Bunch is local award winning author and blogger. His blog Attytood is filled with passionate posts about politics and sports. I have found Bunch to be pleasant working stiff just trying to carve out a living writing about stuff important to him. Hooray for him.

Being a frequent visitor to his site, I'm sure his book will be funny, well researched and written.

Philly is the city of ideas. So it is not surprising so many bloggers have emerged from this community. The stars can be found on Bunch's blog roll.

So I think you will be pleased....

Good Luck Will!