Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Senate to investigate Walter Reed Hospital

It's just wonderful that the Senate will investigate the misdeeds at Walter Reed Hospital. It would have never happened in the Republican controlled Congress.

The horrendous conditions didn't start in December 2006. When Hillary and McCain were at the hospital for photo ops, didn't they slow down enough to look around?

After the media attention surrounding the hearings, will someone come with a plan to fix the problems and implement it?

Let's hope so.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring Training

Spring Training has begun. I am not, much to my horror, in FLA. Ugh

Detroit is Closed

Perfectionists are pain in everybody else's backside

It seems fitting that perfectionists suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have worked with and for perfectionists. Nothing ever gets done.

Geraldo Rivera in the tomb?

Call me a cynic, but I find the timing of finding this tomb too much of a coincidence. If the Discovery channel didn't have an upcoming special, I would be a little more open minded.

From the radical state Wisconsin

Stop the exorcisms

Krugman asks the same questions, we all should be raising.

I am sick of the candidates who have had their souls and positions exorcised by beltway consultants. In attempts to pander to everybody, our candidates stand for nothing. We as citizens should demand more. I may not agree with a candidate on all issues but I can't decide if I don't know where they stand. I don't want a candidate who has been "handled".

I want a candidate who is willing to say, this is my position on this....

Family Values behind bars

Illegal immigration is a problem. The problem is created by the employers who chose to pay these folks indentured servitude wages. T

When they round up the illegals, do they round up the employers who employ these people? Until the employers are held criminally responsible this problem will continue. There are existing statues on the books that need to be enforced.

How many of these yahoos are paying accurate workers compensation premiums? Or how many don't have coverage? This is a crime punishable by prison in most states.

Economic discrimination strikes again!

Where's the Press?

PSOTD is looking for the press to cover the Republican sniping. He wants to know where's the press?

Honey, they are all in the Bahamas covering real news. Everyone is just dying to know how where Anna Nicole is buried. It is far more interesting than covering boring news like the atrocities at Walter Reed Hospital or Cheney attacking McCain.

If the press gave the republicans any attention, they will be accused of liberal bias.

Maybe the weather and news is just better in the Bahamas.

Holy Joe Lieberman just won't stop

I really don't know why I read anything about Joe. Reading what he writes is worse. His ego is actually bigger than Cheney's. He is dumber than Shrub.

If you can stomach it check out the post over at Booman Tribune.

Dwindling Coalition

The sounds that you hear faintly in the distance are the troops leaving Iraq.

Screw the children

If I hear about one more pitch for tax deduction, credit whatever, regarding insurance I am going to scream. The people who need insurance for their kids can't afford to pay the co-payments or deductibles. This is a CASH FLOW discussion.

Why would Shrub actually discuss the situation with the governors? He would actually have to know something about it.

When his father ran for re-election, he was out of touch. The Shrub is out of touch about everything. He is such a punk he has never had to deal with any real life issues. He probably doesn't even know what is a co-payment.

I am surprised that he didn't recommend the Veteran's administration as a model.....

New gig for VP?

Larry Kane's suggested that Darth Vader Cheney lead a task force to investigate the deplorable conditions our wounded troops are subjected to.

The only problem with this idea is Cheney would have to face the troops he put in harms way. Why is anybody surprised? This administration has screwed up everything that it has touched. No one in the White House has managed ANYTHING successsfully.

Let's give Cheney and Shrub a golden parachute in exchange for their letter of resignations.

This should feel painfully familiar for this dynamic duo.

God help us.

All I want for Christmas

A surprise to no one, Al Gore won an Oscar for his movie "An Inconvenient Truth." How very nice.

My Christmas wish, is that Gore announces his run for the POTUS on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful gift to find in my cyberstocking.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rehab v. Prison

Substance abuse is an addiction a disease which can be passed on genetically. People of means have the option of running to a rehab clinic when their addiction leads to very public problems. Brittany Spears, Mel Gibson, Lindsey Lohan are current examples of celebs behaving badly. I really do not see a problem with people getting help for their disease.

My struggle with society is poor or low income people are tossed into jail immediately. Getting "treatment" is the second tier of dealing with this issue. I am sure there are plenty of statistics to support how many crimes involve drugs and alcohol. Let's deal with the abuse as a disease not a crime.

At one point in my career I was a Labor Administrator for a local utility. As the management rep, I can't begin to give justice to financial and emotional toll that substance abuse caused. The utility sent people to rehab twice before an employee was terminated. For some, it took just on stint being away from their friends and family to get it. Others lost their job.

What I don't understand is the stigma associated with drugs that does not surround alchohol. It does not seem fair to me.

I have another radical solution, decriminalize drugs. Alcohol is legal. You are supposed to be 21 to buy alcohol. Let's apply the same rules to drugs. How many adults aren't using drugs because they are illegal? How many violent crimes are drug related?

I would rather see a revolving door at a rehab clinic than a county jail. It is probably cheaper to hire counselors than prison guards.

For the record, I don't drink or do drugs, never did.

Louis Farrakhan's farewell speech

Louis Farrakhan is a controversial figure. He has managed to piss off, oh, just about everybody. There are some members of the Nation of Islam, who believe that he has the blood of Malcolm X on his hands. Let's try to forget the horrible things that he said about the Jews. What has been lost in the negative dreck, is his call for self-reliance and responsibility. It was he who spoke to a "Million Men" about not waiting for someone to treat them right but to own all aspects of personal growth.

Today was his farewell address. His message was more concilliatory than his previous speeches. He has been battling cancer. Maybe the thought of meeting his maker has softened his heart and his tone.

Late in Malcolm X's life his message was less militant. This coupled with his growing popularity led to his untimely death. It is nice to see that the transition of power this time around did not involve bloodshed.

Maybe it's not meant to be

Let's start with the disclaimer, I am in the small minority of women who managed to conceive while taking the pill. Yep, either the pill faiiled or my ex-husband had super sperm. Or another radical notion, my daughter was simply meant to be here.

My heart truly aches for those who desperately want to have a baby. In order to satisfy that hunger, some go to extraordinary lengths to bring a life into this world. i have an employee who has been late or even simply missed very important client meetings to "go to the doctor" as a part of the process. His need to have his seed become a child has affected his clarity.

"Dateline" just recently ran a piece on a woman who preys upon wanting couples. It is terrible for scam artists to bilk unsuspecting couples out of thousands of dollars. The emotional toll is unimaginable. Jail is the only appropriate punishment. For the couples who want children, my prayer is that they find peace.

I believe that God has a divine plan. I also believe that he answers all prayers. Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is no.

Go Tell it on the Mountain, BooMan

I couldn't agree more with Booman. Not only is the soul of the party at stake, the soul of the country of hangs in the balance.

There must be a change in the activities of those we have elected to represent us. It would be really nice if they actually put our interests in front of those who donate lots of money. I really don't want to see Hillary in the White House.

In the meantime, those in the netroots community need to check their egos and put their country first...

Virginia apologizes for it's role in Slavery

The Virginia General Assembly expressed it regrets for it's role in slavery. Slavery is that nasty little bit of our history that is guaranteed to spark or terminate a conversation. The ripple effects of this legacy reaches into current societal issues.

I was truly blessed to have family members who lived a long time. My paternal grandmother migrated North to ensure that her children had a decent shot at life's opportunities that white people take for granted. Some of her older brothers and sisters were slaves. Because they were descendants of slaves and slaveholders her children were a variety of shades. In the forties, one of her children became ill. She was taken to the hospital where she began to receive care. Upon my grandmother's arrival with my aunt's very dark husband, my aunt was immediately discharged. My aunt died due to lack of care.

But I only have to go back ONE generation to that of my parents to talk about their rights that were denied. My parents were the only blacks in their graduating high school classes. Both began their education is segregated classrooms. By time, they reached high school when integration occurred, most blacks were systematically pushed out of the school. My father's last name was changed because the teacher decided that she didn't like the spelling. An English teacher gave my him a failing grade because he could not have been smart enough to write the essay. My parents career choices were the military or laborers. They in turn fought hard for me and my brothers. When the high school advisor suggested that I not bother with college, it was my parents who confronted him. I am still not sure what my Mom told him to do with my college acceptance letter.

These are just a couple of the experiences that have not been forgotten by my family. They are not passed on with bitterness. Nor are they to serve as chains to shackle us, but as a reminder of where we came. When just last month a Delegate from Virginia's body, suggested that blacks need to get over slavery, just pulls the scab off of this festering wound. That delegate would be the not so honorable Frank Hargrove.

To that end, slavery is to serve as a reminder of how the founding fathers denied a segment of the population their basic rights in their quest to obtain their own.

Not having the courtesy to die

The fastest growing segment of our population are our seniors. A cottage industry of geriatric services has sprung up in the last decade. Unfortunately, accountability has not grown with the industry. These facilities pay their employees less money than one would receive managing a fast food restaurant. Most receive their operating funds from government funding sources.

Years ago, I one of my clients provided these services for their community. Because of the complicated bureaucracy mandated by the funding sources, they had to allocate resources needed to care for their senior toward accountants. The actual caregivers had to work in an organization or a lot of overtime in order make a living wage. The turnover is high because of the low wages and unattractive daily duties. Those who stay, generally love their job, but that number is in steady decline.

There are millions of dollars that flow through these companies. Unless you have older relatives in your orbit, you haven't noticed how seniors are afraid of people they perceive to be in authority. It is usually, a younger family who advocates for basic rights over the protests of the senior victim. So you have people who are spending their final years living in fear. Not good.

There are standards that exist, they must be enforced. The next step is to reduce the bureaucracy. Followed by increasing the reimbursements. Then the actual caretakers only have to work one job. This will reduce fatigue, stress thereby reducing the injuries to the clients and the employees. This will reduce operating costs such as workers' compensation and liability insurance.

Just like we in society are afraid to face the possibility of being poor, getting older is not high on our wish list. We as a society need to address this issue now, because we are more likely to end up in one of these facilities than the loving comfort of a family environment.

Arlen Specter, Grabbing the headlines

I am not a fan of Arlen Specter. He has made a career of being in front of the cameras. He prides himself on being independent man of the people. Sounds a little too much like Lieberman. Even when Lieberman is wrong, you know where he stands. With Specter you just never know where he is going to turn up on an issue. Wherever it is, it is sure to get him in the newspapers.
He sold his soul to the White House in order to keep his job in the Senate. Now that Shrub's ratings are plummeting, Specter feels safe in attacking the policies of this administration.

The WSJ does not address the fact that Specter is now trying to overturn a piece of legislation that he voted for....

What if Shrub threw a war and no one showed up?

Anyone who has planned a party, harbors the fear that no one will show up. With the threat of war with Iran, the generals are sending their RVSP regrets to the host.

I sure hope that Shrub gets the message.

Assault weapons, terrorist rifles?

The NRA continues to pick and choice the parts of the Constitution that furthers their agenda. When NRA members stockpile assault weapons, the mantra of the "right to bear arms" is wailed ad nausea. I could be misinterpreted this provision, but I believe the founding fathers were concerned about invading armies. They also used their "arms" to hunt for their dinner.

In parts of our country, hunting and simply shooting weapons are sacred pastimes. Do you need an automatic assault weapon to kill Bambi? We do have supermarkets to "hunt" for our food.

Last year I attended an "advisory board retreat" for a not-for-profit supermarket. One of the members brought several automatic weapons. He spent two days soliciting members to shoot these weapons. One member finally succumbed. As he was loading up the weapons on all-terrain vehicle, his excitment was frighteningly palatable. Holding those weapons was more effective than an entire bottle of Viagra.

Jim Zumbo, hunting activist, now former writer for the magazine Outdoor Life, is not entitled to exercise his Constitutional right of "free speech." He made the fatal mistake of referring to assault weapons as "terrorist rifles". Six thousand very angry letters to the magazine later, he tendered his resignation. These, no doubt, are the same folks who continue to give Shrub favorable ratings.

Just like you can't pick and chose parts of the bible to drive home a point, the same rules apply to the Constitution. Our country has become so polarized that by challenging the "norm" rattles our citizens sensibilities. Maybe those screaming the loudest, should spend time reading the entire document.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fine, Fabulous, Fitz

It's long but worth it.....

Joe Lieberman

Joe Leiberman threatens, yet again, to become a Republican. If he switched parties, based on his record, how would this be a change?

Thanks CT.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Continuing Education Class

My insurance producer license requires 24 hours of annual continuing education. The classes are always packed because most folks wait to the last minute to get their credits. Classes are presented in four hour sessions. The organizations that offer these courses know our industry and generally offer 3 sessions in one day. I have not had to sit through one of those marathon days. I can only stomach two four hour sessions. Everyone is there to get their hours, but a few attendees actually want to learn more about the subject manner. Those are the folks who help make the class tolerable. They generally don't fall asleep. They ask intelligent questions. Class is usually a reflection of the insurance industry, 90 white men, 5% white women, 2% black men, 3% black women.

The instructor is always a burned out agent or attorney who is teaching the class for the money. Some take their mission more seriously than others. All require everyone to at least sit in the class. The class discussions are usually bland and ALWAYS politically sensitive.

Today's class was a little different. Fifteen minutes into the class an old white guy fell asleep. No big deal, right? He fell out of his chair. He was more embarrassed than physically hurt. The class continued. After we knew he was ok, the laughter spread quickly.

The instructor was a good old boy from the Pennsyltucky section of Pennsylvania. His description, not mine. He is a 58 year old, ex-military Catholic, bachelor who loves living in his log cabin with his guns. The courses presented today were ID-Theft and Terrorism Insurance. Needless to say, he presented the classes from his world view. Oh my God.

Where do I begin? Since he is an agent in this tiny depressed community, he is a safety consultant for his construction clients. His first rant was about the boys who show up to the job site with the low-riders, sneakers, earrings and the hat cocked to the side.

It gets better.

The discussion turned to credit checks and red-lining. He complained about non-Americans calling on Sundays to try to scam him. The calls always interrupt his trip to church.

Of course, he did not understand the problem with the whole concept of red-lining. The discussion became very heated. A couple of the students walked out. The instructor was more concerned about uttering a swear word, than the toxic waste that was flowing from his mouth.

That was the first course. I couldn't wait for the Terrorism Insurance.

He began by asking where one of the students was on 9/11, that was benign. Then the wheels came off. The old white guy who fell out of his chair, said 'since 'they' hate us, we should nuke the entire Middle East. Further, he knew who to target and did not have a problem with profiling". Maybe the bump on the head affected his ability to reason.

Some of the remaining students pounced on him. An older black man spoke of weariness of being profiled.

The instructor was befuddled by the firestorm that he created.

I have taught sensitive diversity training classes in hostile environments. I knew to prepare for my audience. I learned how to communicate my message without offending the participants.

During the last break, he received notice about the death of a cousin. It was sad to hear about his loss, but his cousin did him a huge favor because he cut the class short.

The good news is that I walked away with my eight credits.

McCain, Clinton, Dodd, Biden, Obama

Hey band of presidential candidates, how about taking your backsides back to D.C.. Instead of wasting a ton of time bickering, you do have CURRENT jobs. No more superficial non-binding resolutions.

The country has a few pressing issues. Let's start with revoking the Military Commission Act.

Shrill does not equate to Strength

Dear God help us. A huge donor had the nerve to say what a good portion of the country has been saying for years. Bill Clinton was far better than Shrub. He was not without unnecessary drama that had a direct impact on his ability to manage the country.

First Amendment... Freedom of speech, remember.

Look Hill, if you are getting into the dance you can't dictate whom says what. This smacks of the Shrub administration. I have enough of the stubborn resolve bullshit.

It's early in the campaign and I am finding it to be tiresome.

Equal Pay for Equal Play

Wimbeldon is paying the lady players the same fees that they are paying the menfolk. It's about time. No one would question, that the ladies have been more of a draw than the men for years. I doubt the sponsors spend less money for the women's matches.

Now if these same rules applied to the boardroom.....

Where in the world is Cheney?

While the loyal subject Scooter Libby's fate rests in the hands of a jury, his boss suddenly had the need use his frequent flyer miles.

Not to worry, if he gets convicted, he will get a Medal of Honor along with his pardon.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Freedom of the Press

Aretha Franklin demands it in her now famous anthem.The founding fathers of our wonderful country, thought enough of the press to name them in the FIRST amendment. The Press clearly earned it during this period. Now I am not so sure.

Oh how I wish the MSM held themselves with the same regard. The Anna Nicole Smith horror story is the lead story or worst breaking news. MSNBC is covering the story live. This does not warrant a scroll across the bottom of the TV screen. The MSM has the nerve to challenge the ethics of bloggers. Please.

Maybe i'm missing something. The horrendous conditions that our returning soldiers land in at Walter Reed Hospital is discussed AFTER the latest news of Ms. Smith's rotting corpse. The coverage dishonors our troops, the viewing public and the now dead Anna Nicole. I guess if all of the soldiers had blonde hair and big tits, their coverage would warrant the lead position.

The media has made this story a story. Disgraceful.

McCain can't have it both ways

John McCain is going to have to take a clear position on this war. Either this mess was mismanaged or it wasn't. He will have to offend the neocons or insult the intelligence of the voting public.

I have an idea. How about McCain and our gal Hillary remain in the Senate?

A-Rod is a Whiney-titty-baby Drama Queen

Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid baseball player. Clearly he comes with an expensive emotional maintenance agreement. He has an awesome swing. When he doesn't let his head get in the way of his gift, he is great on the field. A-Rod, unlike Derrick Jeter, does NOT have the reputation for being a clutch player. A-Rod builds his stats in meaningless situations, say the Yankees are up by a gazillion, he hits a homerun. Deep into the season, because of his poor play, Joe Torre dropped him in the order. Any real ball player knows that you have hit your way back up in the order. Crying about it doesn't get it done. Jeeze...

Jeter on the other hand is a walking highlight reel. ESPN loves him. In a critical situation, who will I put in the line up? That would be Jeter. Rodriguez's performance sucked last year. He made ESPN for the mistakes he made on and off the field.

A-Rod wasn't unpacked in Florida whenhe started the spring training drama. He felt compelled to announce to the press, he and Jeter don't spend as much time together off the field. A-Rod is a head case. A couple of years ago, he pushed Jeter under the team bus in a magazine article. He said that Jeter wasn't leader because he was surrounded by so much talent. Why would that annoy Jeter?

Maybe, A-Rod should simply not speak, because he spends years trying to spin his comments. Or another overlooked detail, A-Rod is married and Jeter isn't. A fine specimen of a single man's social life is going to be a little different than a married man's. Maybe that is why you don't hang out as much. Grow up Alex.

Until he becomes "the man" in critical situation, he really needs to STFU.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's not you it's me, Tony Blair ends love affair

Tony Blair's friendship with Shrub was compared to FDR and Churchill. This friendship clearly has a different ending. Blair sacrificed his political career for the misadventures into Iraq. The climate in England has prompted Blair to announce a timetable for withdrawing his troops.

What is stunning to me is the reaction from the administration. Cheney announced this just proves the success of the mission.

So why is when the Dems call for a gradual withdraw of troops it's "cut and run"?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hotel California Walter Reed Hospital


Our fellow citizens who made the fatal mistake of signing up for the military got stuck in Iraq. Many actually live through the experience. Others sustain injuries. Where do they end up? In maze of bureaucracy brought to you by our own Veteran's Administration.

Suffering a work related injury is very challenging under the best of circumstances. The process is simple. File a claim, its verified, benefits are paid. These soldiers sustained work related injuries. For catastrophic injuries we assign a field nurse to guide the injured and their family through the process. Why can't they assign a nurse or an administrator who could ease the process?

We could use less rhetoric and more action from this administration. Just when I think these bastards have reached an all time low, I read the news.

Every family has one, Milton Street arrested again

Look around at the your next family gathering, if you are invited. There is at least one relative that will be the source of anxious conversation. You know what this looks like, the grieving widow who throws herself in the casket, as all knowingly look on with her lover at the wake. The uncle who gets loaded at the reception and insists upon leading the "Electric Slide." Or the aunt who is mad at her sister for a thirty year old grievance. The list could go on.

Maybe you are that relative.

As bad as these relatives are, aren't you grateful that you are not a member of the Street family.

Be Sure to Vote for the Worst President

Guess who has captured the lead?

You can vote for three. I voted for 41 because he helped give life to 43.

Homelessness is not a game

I just love these folks who choose to be homeless for a book or some benign reason such as a saving money for a three month trip.

This self-imposed homelessness became a game for this kid in California. Unless I am missing something, most people who are homeless do not opt for this status. Life circumstances and other choices land the average homeless person on the street without shelter, food, or a group of COWORKERS who are taking bets as to how long this game will last.

At any point, this game could have ended. I think it is insulting to the folks who are out in the cold with no options to give Bussell a feature story. I guess the LA times has grown bored covering real homeless people.

Andy Bussell is a dumbass.

Showing up makes Guiliani a hero

Let me get this straight, buildings were leveled in NY under his watch. He stopped screwing his girlfriend long enough to show up to work and this makes him a hero. Help me.

I am glad to see his leadership skills are finally being questioned. Way to go Matthew Yglesias.

Bush compares Iraq debacle to our quest for independence

Clearly Shrub slept through all of social studies and history classes. Any first grader will tell you that the colonists chased the invading redcoats out of our country. It was a revolution generated by the folks who lived here. No by an invading force. The similarities are where?

I guess if you didn't bother to learn our nation's history, learning another culture that has been around thousands of years would be too much to ask the POTUS.

Go for a bike ride for the remainder of your term. Laura will have milk and cookies waiting on you upon your return. In the meantime, STFU.

McCain only flip flops when he speaks

McCain's incessant sucking up to the neocons is repulsive. Mr. "Straight-Talk" McCain is so desperate for the endorsement from this folks he is stomping on on all of his previous positions. He is now reversing his position on "Roe v. Wade." I guess he simply changed his mind.

Why is this acceptable when you are a republican and it is an egregious offense if you are in the democratic party?

Worst President Ever, Happy President's Day

This is a no brainer....

OOPs, my bad

Amputee Uninvited to the land of OZ aka White house

Dorothy's familiar adventure was the to the land of OZ. Joining her are the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion. All she wanted to do was to get home. Along her journey of self-discovery she met some characters who were helpful and others just plain mean.

In the remake, the Scarecrow is played by Shrub, Tin Man is Cheney and the Lion is the now departed Colin Powell. Starring as Dorothy is Dr. Rice. The wicked witch is portrayed by Mary Matlin.

Let's add a new character to our familiar tale, St. David Thomas. He voluntarily went to Iraq at the behest of this gang. Unfortunately, he lost both of his legs.

We would never want to make the gang in OZ feel uncomfortable. So his inviation to the White House was revoked. In the original story Dorothy woke up from her nightmare or dream.

I guess we will not awake from this version of OZ until 2009.

Compassionate Conservatism at its best.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What does Victory look like?

I wish someone, anyone would tell me what a victory in Iraq looks like. Or I would settle for a simple definition.

When I watch a football gme, my Eagles need to score more points than say the dreaded Cowboys. In golf, Tiger needs less strokes than Phil Nickelson to win.

What do we need to do to help the Iraqis win?

I don't know and neither does the Shrub team.

Fair and Balanced: Chris Channels Pappa

Chris Wallace did a follow up piece challenging Douglas Fieth's statement from last week. He said there was never connecting of the dots between Al Queda and Iraq.....Is he channeling his Daddy?

No Mardi Gras for the Ninth Ward

The second post Katrina Mardi Gras is upon us. I guess the measure of how New Orleans has recovered from the storm and the post storm is how large Mardi Gras will be. They are expecting a quarter of million visitors. This is an increase from last year but well below pre-storm levels.

New Orleans was rich in history but was primarily a tourist spot. What seems to be lost on the MSM is the devastation that remains. There is a section of the city that is vacant. Crime is running rampant, far worse than before the storm. Those who survived the storm have rebuilt their lives in different parts of the country. Their return is unlikely. The money did not seem to reach the folks who really needed it. But as with everything else this administration has touched, fraud was a problem.

No one is in a hurry to rebuild the Ninth Ward for a couple of reasons. The first one is this section is below sea level. As a risk manager by training, for those folks to return to area that is just not safe. The other is, the storm did what folks tried for years to do, rid the city of those people in the ninth ward.

Get a bulldozer and call it a wrap.


I love most sports. The one I don't get is Nascar. It is the most popular sport in our country. Driving in an oval really fast for hours is beyond me. Only when number 3 was killed during a race did I begin to realize how big this sport had become.

For some watching a no hitter is the equivalent of watching paint dry.

Hey, to each his own. The season began this weekend with a cheating scandal, which makes them no different than the other popular sports. There are heroes and bad guys. Which camp you fall in is determined by when you started following the sport. I have an employee who has patiently shared her expertise. Without her, I wouldn't know as much as I do, which is not much.

Nascar fans, start your engines....Enjoy the season.

Get it where you can, financial planning

It never ceases to amaze me how taboo it is to talk about money. It was not lost on me, the verbal fights my parents had about money. Bill collectors would call and it made my mom crazy. Raising a family of five on a steelworker's salary was a challenge. My dad refused to let my mother assist with the finanical planning. Remoldeling the house was my dad's drug of choice.

We never wanted for food, clothing and the occasional inexpensive restaurant dining. It was a really big deal to eat at Howard Johnson's. It wasn't until I got to college that realized how middle class we weren't. There was a chronic unspoken under current of financial strain. BUT you did not talk about it.

In my senior year, one of the popular girls suddenly put on weight. At first, pregnancy was suspected. Eventually, she broke down in class, and revealed her father had lost his job. The weight gain was the result of eating more potatoes because that was all they could afford. She said it would have been easier to be pregnant than poor. Dear God. These are the values we as a society we instill in our youth.

It wasn't until my father thought that he was going to die, that he had a honest conversation with my mother, his wife about little things like what bills needed to be paid. A little financial planning/management would have did my folks a world of good.

As a society, sex is discussed freely. Why on earth is it such a problem to talk about money? Why are those without money or get into a financial bind ostracized?

Financial planning should not be reserved for those making six figures. By learning how to manage money early, the credit card debt crisis could be mitigated early in some cases.

Bur the need for instance gratification is everywhere. We talk of values. What is so wrong with waiting until you can afford a luxury item like a HDTV?

Unfortunately, credit card companies, rent-a-centers prey on this itch that we have convinced ourselves needs to be scratched immediately.

Passing a financial planning course in high school should be mandatory for everyone.

Bush Legacy, next to the WMDs

Now that Bush is wrapping up his failed Presidency is desperately seeking parallels. He has an exclusive on this level of incompetency.

He lied about going to war, then failed to manage the debacle. Well Shrub, your legacy is right next to the weapons of mass destruction.

Why don't you mapquest your journey? That should speed things up....


The purpose of working an extra day is to get something done. Unless you are a member of Congress.

They did not get this meaningless non-binding resolution passed.

Can we work on a few binding resolutions?????

OH SH@#T, no Hohit: Who?

So much for protection from a friend. During the Libby trial, Robert Novack testified that he provided Richard Hohit with an advanced copy of the now infamous article that outed Valerie Plame. Hohit is a the consummate Washington insider who just happens to be pals with Karl Rove.

A behind the scene type of guy is only effective, if he is remains behind the scene. A successful lobbyist, he raises plenty of cash for the republicans.

He can thank his boy for naming names. This is playing out like a bad Seinfeld episode.

I wonder if Karl Rove told the FBIs the truth about when and whom told him about Ms. Plame's identity. It would be just lovely, if he lied.

Christmas in February? March? I will be happy with April.

But he told me he loved me: McCain's Flip Flop express

It appears that the love affair between the MSM and John "Flip-Flop" McCain is finally over. All meaningless affairs come to an end. Some gradually fade away others are just plain ugly.

I am just guessing, but the pretend intimacy will not exist this time around. Instead of a bus, McCain will fly on private jets to suck up to the neocons he once mocked. Like any spurned lover, the MSM might not handle the hurt graciously. More stories of his waffleing will begin to surface.

How this melodrama plays out should be amusing.The neocons aren't the MSM. They may not be so quick to drop their panties for Big Daddy McCain.

Finally, it is starting to appear in traditional media sources that McCain is an opportunitist jerk who will do and say whatever he needs to seek the office of POTUS.

Maybe the real journalists will get paid by their employers to push the talking heads under the Flip-Flop Express.

Murtha's Plan

Let's see, Murtha suggests that our troops be trained, supplied with proper equipment and deployed with plenty of rest.

Wow, what sane person wouldn't want these things in order to manage ANY situation properly, particularly a military engagement.

What is he thinking? Why would we want to support our troops in this manner?

Banks Buy Biden

Delaware's major industry is banking. This industry was the key to turning around the tiny state's economy. Of course, Biden embraced the Bankruptcy bill. He was simply looking out for his donors. He is a little man representing very big business. Banks make a killing off of credit cards.

Those lining up to file for bankruptcy amassed the debt when their jobs disappeared. To compound the problem, they did not have the privilledge of having AFFORDABLE health insurance.

I am sure Biden and his donors have affordable health insurance.

Biden the man who will NEVER be the POTUS. Please go away. You can take Hill and Liberbutt with you.

Force feeding Black History

Let's start with a confession. I love history. If I wasn't a mercenary, I would be one of those folks working at Gettysburg or the National Constitution Center.

Maybe I was just lucky. I grew up in a tiny community. Too big to be considered rural, but way too small to be considered suburbia. I fell in love with history in the fifth grade. My teacher made it interesting. I was lucky enough to have good civics and history teachers. One of whom was a black man. He taught history in a chronological order. He did not segregate the course of study. He also made sure that there were periodicals in our library for his students to complete our research.

Most of my classmates simply hated history class. Mr. W made all history interesting. His approach was a combination of lectures, research papers and student presentations. While he participated in the community sponsored Black History Month's celebrations, he seemed to be annoyed that it was even an issue. I suppose I picked up his attitude.

It is 2007 and this is still an issue? History teachers should discuss all historical figures. By teaching it in as one course or only during the month of February it will automatically generate a push back. Immediately, those who cry foul embrace their whiteness. Their argument is never just teach history. It is to ignore the issue or demand equal treatment. HUH? It sounds silly to me too.

When I was in college had obtained, in addition to my BA, a designation in racial and ethnic understanding. My best African-American history professor was Jewish. During the early eighties there were only two chocolate professors on campus. With a minority population of less than 5%, the administration was not in too much of a hurry to focus on the recruitment of minority professors.

Until black history is incorporated into history class early and often, this dialogue will continue.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogrolling Drama: Where did our love go?

I am a rookie in the blogworld. One of the reasons I started my blog was to find my voice. Since I have a full-time gig, I blog when I have the time and energy. I do not have a blog roll. Not because I am snob. I simply haven't figured out how to create one. Since I had a snow day this week, I had more time on my hands to read my favorite blogs.

I stumbled upon a "Blogrolling Drama." It appears Atrios started this BD by purging his blog roll. The other big boy bloggers embraced the idea. The next thing I knew all hell was breaking loose. Skippy the Bush Kangaroo really threw a fit. I was stunned and amused at the passionate responses that ensued. I did discover other blogs.

Growing up as a black woman, I had zero expectation of participating in the boys club. Throughout my insurance career, I was usually the only chocolate baby in the company, let alone the executive wing. Breaking the through the glass ceiling became the norm for me. I have the scars to prove it.

I was raised to believe that anything that I was going to get in this life, I would have to seize it, because the boys would do whatever was necessary to deny me. I had to be better than my male counterparts, because I am held to a higher standard. Male competence is just assumed. Or one of their boys brought them into the company. If they fuck up, they are given a mulligan. The mulligan is either a promotion or a really nice golden parachute. If a woman screws up, a box with her shit and security is waiting for her. Real world stuff. No mulligans for those lacking a penis.

It appears those who are making the most noise were expecting something from the big boys. A transactional relationship in the form of links and being named on a blog roll. It is no surprise that blogs have taken on more of a MSM flavor. The very vibe those dancing in the cyberworld abhorred.

What I am seeing is typical liberal tolerance and compassion. When someone loses a race, we treat them like crap. Al Gore is just now garnering respect. If someone does something that we don't like or approve of we call them elitist or worse.

The conservatives take care of their own. They mentor their politicians and talking heads from grade school. Anne Coulter a best selling writer? Please. If she wasn't underwritten by the neocons we wouldn't have that shrill bitch to fuss about. Rick Santorum lost his Senate race and he was given a soft landing in a think tank.

We consume our own. I got mine, you get yours. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Blah, Blah, Blah. Jon Swift and Booman Tribute tried to bring sanity to the fracas but it seems to have taken on a life of its own. It looks like liberal love to me.

Who established the blog rules? My guess is the boys.

Cyberspace is a microcosm of society. Why would anyone EXPECT any different consideration?

If you look for love in the form a blog roll or link it may be a long lonely night.

If you want love, I strongly recommend spending time with your friends.

Or get a dog.

I thought Diva's have hair....

Rudy Guiliani has become a royal diva or pain in the ass when he is a speaker at an event. Good for him that he can command 100k for a speech. But I think keeping the minions that would be potential voters a respectable distance from him is a little much.

I have heard no reports of demanding Fox News to be on all of the channels for him and his entourage.

Resolute or Stubborn?

There is thin line between being resolute and being a blockhead. The key is to surround yourself with bright people and have candid discussions.

This whole war vote for our gal Hill would have been resolved if she just would have said oops my bad and moved on.

I don't want to see her elected POTUS so her stubborn resolve will land her back in NY.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bush could have given Nixon lessons

The only folks who have finally figured out that Shrub is worse than Nixon are members of the press.

This generation of the MSM media is only concerned about their social calendar than reporting accurate information.
Heaven forbid they ask tough questions.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart David Shuster

When he files his reports on the Libby trial David Shuster really seemed to be amused by the daily events or non-events. The good news is the emergence of Shuster. He is smart, funny and a hottie.

The defense team did not put on much of a defense today. The Judge seemed to be put off and said so. No Cheney, no Libby, no defense. Game Over.

Libby has shown his loyalty to his boss. Your get out of jail free card is in the mail.

One Bad Apple

My primary responsibility is to manage my staff. Most of my time is spent dealing with personnel drama. For my sanity, I tell new employees the one issue that will get you tossed off of my team is being mean. You would be surprised how many adults do not know how to be civil let alone, not mean. It always amazes me the lack of social skills that some adults simply do not possess.

The one thing they don't teach you in management class is that the only difference between work and high school are mortgages and car payments are in play.

SHHH Don't talk about the war

It's bad enough the Republicans are telling their membership not to talk about the escalation, but to post it.....

You can't make it up.

Hilliary's wrong answer

Hilliary reminds me of the smartest girl in the class who actually got a wrong answer on a test. First she is stunned by the test results. Then she questions the professor. Finally she appeals the grade.

Hey Hilliary, you voted wrong. I hope that a citizen asks her about this issue at every stop.

Get over yourself.

No new policies in Mississippi

State Farm has decided not to write any new policies in Mississippi. They took a hit in wake of bad faith claims that emerged from Katrina. I would look for the other major carriers to follow suit.

This is a very common practice for insurance carriers to pull out of a market after they have actually pay claims. This is the cyclical game they have played for years. If they didn't screw around with the reserves State Farm will be fine. The key personnel will make a ton of money.

Snow Day

I have a love hate relationship with snow. Mostly hate. I have learned to appreciate good old fashioned snow day.

When the schools and businesses close, it forces us to slow down. If you are lucky, you get snowed in with someone that you actually like.

Today I closed my office because the weather was so bad. I really did not need my staff getting hurt for this lovely company that we work for. We all could use the excused day off from our clients and each other.

Unlike those poor slobs in the New York, life will return to normal tomorrow, before cabin fever sets in.

The last time that I was in D.C., a light snow was beginning to fall on my cab ride to the train station. I ask the driver, how much snow was expected He said, "not enough." "We could use the stillness that the snow brings."

He was right.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sanity from New Mexico

Here is hoping that radio stations all over the country will do what the gang is doing in New Mexico.

Grassroot sanity in action.

Offseason for politics

I love sports and politics. Both have a lot in common, the bad boys/girls, competition, the fans and the intense media scrutiny.

Both used to have an offseason. During this period, preparation for the next season, draft picks/candidates are scouted; managers switch teams, choices are analyzed and the fans/voters can breathe.

I want my political offseason back. We had, what a whole hour after the 2006 election before the first candidate for the 2008 election?

The states are jockeying for position to be first in the primaries. God only knows how that is going to shake out.

They are anticipating at least 1 billion to be spent on the 2008 presidential campaign. Most of the money is earmarked for TV ads. Who is benefiting from this? The owners of the TV stations.

How about the stations run the ads for nothing and they can be given a corporate tax deduction? Or no TV ads and candidates actually have to face the electorate?

We don't know who we are actually selecting, only a packaged version. Doesn't homemade macaroni and cheese taste better than a boxed pre-packaged version?

My friend said there is a leadership vacuum. She is so right. No one is willing to state the truth or say what they mean because their consultant's brains will explode. Straight talk express? That train derailed long time ago.

Like our athletes, maybe we as voters don't want our politicians to tell us the truth. Maybe we want to be told what we want want to hear. Maybe we are simply not ready to hear that the dry cleaner didn't shrink our clothes. We are facing real problems, we need leaders who are willing to tell us the harsh realities. We as an electorate have to be prepared to hear it.

I want my leadership to made mistakes and learned from them. I hope that I am not alone.

Sen Dodd visits Booman Tribute

Today beginning 3:30pm EST, Booman will be hosting a visit from Presidential candidate Sen. Dodd.

If you can close your door and hide in your office for a half an hour I believe that it will be time well spent.

What is truly awesome is that Booman has garnered enough sway to pull this off.

This is grassroots assembly at its best.

A booming economy, Chrysler slashes jobs

For these 13,000 folks who will lose their jobs and benefits in the next two years, the economy is on fire. These folks will not be buying cars, homes, clothing and other luxury items such has health care.

I am sure the folks who mismanaged the company will be fired with a platinum parachute.

Walmart is probably hiring.

Support the Troops, Cut their benefits

Tie a yellow ribbon around the budget that slashes the benefits for the returning troops. This is how this administration treats the military they purport to treasure.

Treason and the Neocons

"Treason and the Neocons" sounds like the name of a really bad aging rock group. When this band has to reach back to our Civil War and quote Lincoln is moronic. During that period of our history, we new who were our so-called enemies and what was the meaning of success.

In Iraq, we are not sure who are enemies are and a clear picture or definition of success.

It is time for a last for the last call to be announced by the bartender. "Treason and the Neocons" really need to play their final song, "Bring the boys home."

Monday, February 12, 2007

Firedoglake reporting live from Libbyville

Robert Novak testified today.
Check it out.

Take my Lieberman, please

There was the suggestion by Joe Klein on the Chris Matthews show that Lieberman may finally switch parties. The look of shock on Matthews face was amusing

Joe Lieberman has always been a Republican cloaked in Democratic clothing.

How about the Dems start recruiting a couple of Republicans?

Good for the Chicks

In 2003, the Dixie Chicks were flambeed for exercising their first amendment rights. The beginning of the demise of all of our constitutional rights. If you are professional entertainer you do not check your basic liberties at the stage door. For them to be told by the far right to "shut up and sing" is outrageous.

I guess when we are imposing a Jeffersonian democracy in the Middle East we are supposed to suspend our rights at home.

The fact that they won five grammys speaks to the sea change in the attitude of the country.

Oh Baby it will be different this time.....

Shrub is a dry drunk. He stop drinking cold turkey. Any alcoholic who has never worked through whatever issues that led him to the bottle in the first place constantly assures those he purports to love, things will be better. This time.

An untreated substance abuser will tell those around them what they think they want to hear, then proceed and do whatever he feels like doing.

Shrub feels like picking a fight with Iran so he is doing it.

I wish someone would perform an intervention before Shrub blows up the planet.

Run toward the light

Yet to be announced presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani has suggested that Bush is in the same league as Abe Lincoln.

I can't stop laughing. Are you kidding me? Guiliani managed to stopped screwing his woman of the hour and showed up to work on 9/11. He was just doing what he was paid to do. When you show up to work and do your job, do you get celebrated as a war hero? I don't think so.

Our nation's civil war, began the process of cleaning up the loose ends the founding fathers knowing left. We are still trying to figure out why Shrub started the war in Iraq.

I live near a nuclear power plant. We were always told that in the event of a catastrophe, run toward the plant and get it over with. Maybe that is what Guiliani and McCain are doing by extolling Shrub's virtues.

Allstate v. Katrina victims

Allstate has always prided itself on screwing people out of a full settlement. As one of the largest providers of what is called personal lines insurance, they never paid the full cost of a claim unless they were sued.

If their insured rearended your car, they would only pay 90%. Why? They argued that there was an assumption of risk simply being on the road. Instead of going to arbitration over the 10% the claim would settle so that additional costs would not be incurred. Can you image how much money they saved by doing using this technique? It's not illegal. It's just not right.

This is not new. I have been in the insurance business over 20 years and this practice dates back to the early 80's.

No one wonder our industry is viewed as a lower life form than a used car salesman.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Baby, I'm for real

Give John Edwards credit, he is not afraid to admit his vote to authorize the war was wrong. Good for him.

Unlike, our gal Hillary, who reminds me of the 70's Happy Days character, "The Fonz." He struggled to speak the word. She has been asked by the MSM and voters. Nothing.

Edwards also uttered tax increase in order to pay for universal health insurance.

We Americans want a safety net until it comes time to pay for it. Is the voting public ready for the truth?

I hope so.

Obama would be proslavery??? WTF???

The discussion of Obama's blackness has officially made me crazy. Is there a discussion of John McCain's "whiteness?"

Why on earth, is anyone who is not old, white with a penis, be subjected to this type of analysis? It is absurd.

Just when I thought this dialogue has reached it's peak, William Kristol's chimes in. He takes the most outrageous position the right can embrace. To suggest, Obama would have taken Stephen Douglas position on slavery is ridiculous.

According, the rules set forth by the white folks at the time, all you had have is a drop of black blood in your system to be officially black. Need I remind you of the mulatto slaves running around Thomas Jefferson's plantation? Obama may have been a house slave, but he still would have a been slave. If he stepped out of line, his nice house niggra clothes would have been stripped from him, then he would have been horsewhipped. Depending on his skillset, he MAY have returned to the big house.

Let's not even talk about sex. There is longstanding fear of the sexuality of the black man. Maybe this is Kristol's underlying fear? Maybe, this is all of those white guy's fear. Here is this fine brother who could be the most powerful man on the planet.

Power is an aphrodisiac. Bill Clinton got in trouble for having done to him what every healthy man wishes would be done to him on a nightly basis. There would be a radical reduction in carpal tunnel syndrome in the male population.

Ok ladies, quick question. If you have the opportunity to see Obama or Kristol naked, whom would you chose?

That what I thought, me too....

Football season is over

Last week was the grand finale for the season. We even got a decent game. My daughter offered, "what about the Pro Bowl? We never watch the Pro Bowl."

"There is a reason I haven't subjected you to the Pro Bowl, I advised, the game always sucks." Unlike the other sports, where the all-star game is usually in the middle of the season. Furthermore, it is rare when a baseball or basketball player will sustain a career ending injury. So it becomes weenie bowl, understandably. Hard hitting tackles are not happening.I can't sit through the Pro Bowl, it is just too ugly to watch.

The days are getting longer. It is time for me to reconnect with my friends who fail to understand my passion (obsession) with football. For my family, it is like a hangover. But we all know the drill, we do manage to come up with other activities that does not involve a brown ball.

The re-entry process takes about two weeks, depending on the weather. It is much harder when it is cold. My friends are used to this seasonal process.

Blessedly, baseball's spring training is right around the corner.

The other war campaign

A U.S. soldier was shot and killed in Afghanistan. Over 4,000 people were killed in 2006.

Sure pick a fight with Iran, a good way to waste our human resources. Crazy bastards.

Tommy Franks was almost right

It was not lost on me how quickly Tommy Franks retired after this mess in Iraq started. It struck me cold that if this was such a good thing, why did he retire?

He could see the insanity of this administration. I must challenge Mr. Franks assessment of Douglas Feith, Rummy's number three.

They all had the privilege of working for " the stupidest fucking guy on the earth."

As a student of history, I learned at an early age, a version of history is written through the prism of the historian.

Now this Feith is running around trying to rewrite history. The Libby trial has done more damage than all of the angry bloggers could possibly do, put a MSM media spotlight on the lies associated with the advancement of this bullshit war.

Way to go Scooter!

From the land of Lincoln, Obama announces

Unless you have been living in a cave with no cable access, Obama's presidential announcement is not news. He chose Springfield, Illnois because that was the land of Abe Lincoln. He too, lacked experience but went down in history as one our greatest presidents.

I have to admit, he is a rock star. What concerns me is his lack of a resume'. In spite of his lack of experience, he was bright enough to see what most of did. This war was and is wrong. Hence the struggle.

For sanity, once a week I try to hang out at a local Drinking Liberally. The group is an eclectic mix of bloggers, educators, lawyers, contractors, and consultants. The sighting of a Democrat running for something is the norm.

The thread that links this gang, is the love of their country. All were very active in the elections.

The presidential election is the topic of conversation. I was not surprised at the collective contempt for Hillary. I was floored as to how many embraced Obama because of his lack of a track record. The fans of Obama only see a Senate record as an anchor versus a sail.

Time will tell.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Daddy Denial is the common practice

When an unmarried woman turns up pregnant, the sex partner generally responds: "How do I know it's mine?" Like the woman raped him and stole his sperm.

This is a common practice. UNLESS there is money involved.

With a ton of money at stake, the line is already forming to the right of the potential papas for Anna Nicole' baby girl.

If she wasn't rich and loaded would the boys be so quick to claim paternity? I doubt it.

Let the not so poor woman's body get cold before the postmortem rape takes place.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Obama by the books

Today Obama will finally announce the fact that he is running for President. The folks at Newsweek prepared a cliff notes version of both of his books.

If you are so inclined they have audio excerpts.

Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave

Thomas Jefferson was John Adams' Vice President. Bored, he wrote a procedure for the U.S. Senate. A Manual of Parliamentary Practice was published in 1801.

Instead of getting anything accomplished this week, members of the Senate decided to practice every f@#$in procedure in the manual.

The entire Middle East is a mess and they are returning to their days as the geeks on the high school debate team.

For Arlen Specter, to suggest to his employers we the people, just don't get the Senate, is condescending.

Your wrong, Senator "Single Bullet Theory."

We get it, you bastards have mastered the inability to get anything done. TJ would not be pleased with how his procedures have been used to get so little done.

Give 'em Hell Harry

Two months before for the election, I went to a screening of the movie " Iraq for Sale." It is a must see for taxpaying citizens.

It was a very disturbing film.

Regardless of your stance on the war, there is a consensus, the troops should be given what they need. From what was documented in this film, the only people getting their needs met were the war profiteers. Millions of our dollars have been unaccounted for.

Finally, th adults showed up and are asking questions. When the investigations are complete, I am sure some folks will land in jail. My hope it is the CEO's of the corporations and not the minions. Only then will justice be served.

Taking one for the team

Scooter Libby lied to protect his boss. Period. End of Story. He will be convicted. He will drag the appeal process out to the end of Bush's term. Shrub's final act will be to pardon Libby.

Fumo's woes, Georgie Boy's fault

I detest W's administration. They are all war criminals. They got us into a senseless war and the whole world hates us.

BUT, blaming W for Fumo's 139 count indictment is just dumb. If this is their defense, Fumo better get his affairs in order because he will be spending a few years in ClubFed.

He would be better served to claim a substance abuse problem. He should go away to a luxury rehab center; find the chronically lost Jesus and beg for mercy.

Karl Rove a racist pig, this is not news

I guess, I am simply not surprised that Karl Rove had the balls to say what he actually thought in a public forum.

Let's see, his son is too good the pick tomatoes or clean a hotel room. His son will also will be too good to go off to fight in a war that he and his war criminal posse started.

There are far too many folks who make a killing on exploiting illegal immigrants. If these employers paid their workers compensation, taxes and gave workers a living wage there would be no border drama.

I wonder how many folks in attendance or read reporting magazine employ immigrants in an under the table capacity ? Or harbor those same fears?

Spare me the self righteous indignation.

We do have a Constitution Joe Leiberbutt

Did I mention that I hate Joe Lieberman? Just when you hope that he just goes away, he finds a microphone.
Because I respect our First Amendment rights, I will be the first to defend his right to speak. I don't have to listen.
Leiberbutt has decided the free discussion helps our enemies.

Stephen Colbert does a wonderful job of eviscerating our boy Joe.

Anna Nicole is gone, ah so

Anna Nicole's life ended before anyone anticipated. As a dead human with friends and family this is sad. But I remain befuddled as to why we are supposed to care.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Final nail in Libby's coffin: Russert testifies

The prosecution will wrap up his case today. Tim Russert's memory of his conversation may be very different than Libby's.

If that is the case, it should be the final nail in his coffin. What a shame.

Stalking Senator: No sex for you

Fumo took lessons from Richard Nixon. The difference was Nixon did not have girlfriends to spy on, that we know about. The charges in levied against Fumo read like a poorly written LifeTime movie.

Trying to muster up dirt on political opponents dates back to the revolution. Using charity and taxpayer dollars to spy on your women is pathetic. Fumo thinks that he is above the law. He will be the first to tell you that fact. He moved people around like pieces on a chessboard. Just ask Jonathan Saidel.

Hooray for the women who were brave enough to run away from this paranoid egomanic. He may be powerful but he is mean and not that cute.

Why do I think he couldn't do to these ladies what he has done to the PA taxpayers?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Latest Installment of the Libby Chronicles

Baby Please don't go...or I will send my minions to follow you

The worst kept secret in PA is Vince Fumo is a mean son of bitch. He was born with a silver cheesesteak in his mouth. Being a born spoiled brat wasn't enough, he entered into politics. If you wanted to make any inroads into PA politics kissing his ring or ass was mandatory.

It appears he pissed off the wrong person. The only items in the 139 count indictment that really surprised me was that he paid a few minions to stalk ex-wives and girlfriends. It really shouldn't have shocked me but it did. These women eventually had enough of his mean old ass and walked. I guess he was too powerful to be dumped. How pathetic.

It will be interesting how this mess shakes out. My money is a deal will be cut to avoid a trial. The embarrassment of the parade of women who dumped will be too much for his ego to bear.


Shame of a Football nation

There is no question that violent sport. No one is forced into this profession. NFL and the owners are making tremendous chunks of money.This generation of players make millions. Unlike the other professional sports, football players do not have guaranteed contracts. The marquee players demand and receive large signing bonuses. One play can end a career.

Because the players know the dangers of the game, it is rare when a player gets hurt intentionally. The look of despair on Lawrence Taylor's face when he ended Joe Theisman's career was undeniable. When a player goes down, a hush settles into the stadium. If a player has to be removed from the field on a cart, returning to the playing field is unlikely.

Star running back, Tiki Barber retired at the peak of his career. Why? Because he is tired of feeling like he has been in a car crash after every game.

Troy Aikmen and Steve Young had to medically retire because they sustained too many concussions. These two quarterbacks have moved on to successful broadcasting careers. They are the exception.

Far too many players end up like Hall of Famer Michael Webster. He was not awarded disability benefits until he died. He was living in his truck, because he did not have the mental capacity to accept his family' generosity.

It is bad enough, that these athletes have to fight with the disability insurance carriers, the trailblazers receive nominal pensions. To compound this problem, Troy Vincent, player representative seemed to be annoyed when the retired players approach him on this subject.

I think the union, the teams and the NFL should come up with a livable pension and insurance for these players who were the foundation of this wonderful sport.

Astronut: The things you do for love

Admit it we have all have done goofy shit in the name of love. A nine hundred mile trek sportin' a Depends is definitely in the top ten.

We are so hard on second place

First of all Congrats to Tony Dungy and the Colts. It so nice to see nice guys finish first. The Super Bowl was messy and competitive. I am sure no one expected the sloppy conditions that both teams would have to play in. It forced both teams to turn to their ground game. That is what smash mouth football is all about.

Rex Grossman is the beleaguered quarterback for the Bears. The Bears were in the Super Bowl. Some of the greatest players never reached the Super Bowl. This immediately puts this kid in a separate category. It is incredulous to me that they are calling for his balls in Chicago. Its been over two decades since DA Bears landed in this coveted contest.

It makes the infamous Eagles fans, seem mild in comparison.

But that is how we treat second place. You didn't win you are a loser. How sad....

Leave the kid alone.

Mrs. Lieberman please have sex with that man

I am convinced that Joe Lieberman was very unpopular during his formative years. The guys shoved his head in the toilet. The girls made fun of him. He was probably a late bloomer. Meaning that sex did not just occur in his mind. The rejection of the Democratic voters last summer triggered those painful memories.

Like the geek who couldn't get laid, he spread rumors to damage the reputation of the girl who mocked him.

He continues to threaten to become a Republican. His voting record confirms that he already is a Republican.

Leiberman is doing to the country what the popular girl refused to do to him.

Mrs. Lieberman please have sex with your husband, so that he will stop screwing the country.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Irvin finally enters the Hall of Fame

Michael Irvin was a member of the Cowboys (BOOOOOO) during their last successful run. I can not tell you how much heartache the Irvin-Aikman combination has caused me over the years. On the field, no one would deny Irvin's talent.

Last summer when Troy Aikman accepted his Hall of Fame yellow jacket, he was clear. Without Irvin as a target, the Cowboys would not have had the successful ride.

Off the field, Irvin's life was a train wreck, repeatedly. He is a living breathing example of a man who has received forgiveness, early and often. Because of his off field drama, he was denied entrance to the Hall of Fame on two prior occasions. Hours before today's announcement, doubts still lingered.

It pains me to admit but he was a great wide receiver, bastard.

Congrats you f@#$% Cowboy.

The No Fun League strikes again

The NFL prints money. Second only to Nascar, professional football is America's favorite sport. As one of those people, Sundays are spent bonding with friends and family watching the game. For these greedy bastards to stop CHURCHES from showing the game on big screens is just dumb.

The Pork chop Sermon

Why would anybody believe ANYTHING this administration has to say about Iran? They have lied to us about EVERYTHING.

Suddenly Shrub found Jesus and he ignored the top ten rules. I forgot he is a dry drunk and only talks to God. Poor God he gets blamed for so much.

I was raised in a southern Methodist church. Church was an all day event. Sunday school, the 11:00 am service, church lady food, Men's Day, Women's Day, visiting ministers etc. It was the heart of our community. We were taught that God would dispatch angels to impart their wisdom. What is critical is to have the wisdom to discern between the devil agents and the angels.

My favorite Minister was Rev. S. He was funny, spirited and blessedly concise. He was so popular the church was always packed. The "pork chop" sermon resonates with me to this day. Rev. S passionately informed the congregation that the Lord always provides. If you expect a case of pork chops to show up on your porch your gonna be hungry. He went on to lecture that the Lord gives us the ultimate power of free will. He concluded, that in order to get those pork chops, preparation (education) and hard work (a job) were essential. By the time he wrapped up his sermon, the choir was rockin' and the entire church was on their feet.

What Rev. S never anticipated was Shrub. His family handed him this country like it was box of prized pork chops. Shrub has never prepared or worked in his life. His history of getting what he wanted has careened our country on the verge of collapse. He ignores the wise angels that the Lord has sent him.

Instead he has embraced the agents of the devil. When this jackass bombs Iran, the second revolution for our country must occur.

Joys of Parenting

Anyone who has the pleasure of reproducing, knows it is the most challenging job that you will even endure. You don't know how good of a job you have done until all parties are old and gray. If the tenure lasts that long.

You love your babies, give them what you think is wisdom. Ultimately, they choose their own journey. At some point, you simply offer healthy support then turn them over to God.

Andy Reid's adult children managed to find themselves in a shitload of trouble. No formal charges have been filed, yet.
Because of who they are I am sure things will be done slowly by the book. Will they be treated differently than some poor little black child? Absolutely. It doesn't make it right but that is the way it is. That is a rant for a different day.

I don't know Reid or his sons, but as a parent I am sick for him. From what has been reported his sons have issues. My view of world changed after I gave birth 20 years ago. I am less quick to judge a sitution and have become a little more compassionate.

In the meantime, it is not for you or I to judge this family or Andy's parenting skills. They are in plenty of pain, as is any family that finds themselves in inexplicable circumstances.

I will keep them in my prayers.

Credit Card Companies: Legal rape

One of my star employees has not been herself recently. I knew that she just bought a home which required major renovations. She also has the meanest accounts.

In the private sanctuary of my car, I simply said, "How are you doing?"

With that, the flood gates opened up. I was hoping that cancer or a corpse was not involved. Unfortunately, she is carrying 35K in credit card debt. 60% of the balance is interest and penalties. She is not a professional shopper. This debt was amassed during her sporadic periods of unemployment. How she managed to get a mortgage is beyond me. For a claims professional, I pay her the industry standard.

I referred her to our EAP program. We have a legitimate credit counseling company as a benefit. Her and her husband are 50 and will be dead before their debts are cleared. Their story is a familiar one.

The average person does not read the fine print on the inserts that come with the bill. But for those who do, a law background would be helpful.

For the record, I do not have any credit cards. My ex-husband works in the credit destroying industry, so I have had the benefit of his wisdom over the years. According to him, credit card companies love people who just make the minimum payment. The interest is compounded hourly.

This is the only industry that can change the rules whenever they feel like it. They love people like my employee, because all you have to do it pay late once and your interest rate goes through the roof. With friends like Senator Joseph Biden in Congress, this gang has the license to steal. Guess who wrote a pushed the new bankruptcy law? That would be the CC lobbyists.

Isn't this a form of predatory lending that is frowned upon?

A credit card can be used to developed a credit history. On the other hand, it can ruin your history quicker than you can image. The key is to understand that you are doing a deal with the devil. Schools teach calculus and advanced math. How come their are no classes on personal financial management?

I discovered the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights on the Suburban Guerilla.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I demand respect

Leaders generally do not have to remind people to follow.

Coaches who "lose" the locker room, move on.

In corporate America, when the employees stop adhering the rules set forth by the manager, a change always occurs.

Shrub is in hell, because he had to go to Peoria, Ill to tell that he was not a lameduck.

His reception was less than warm.

Time for a change.

Boston is closed

Why didn't the other nine cities respond this way?

Libby lied to protect Cheney

It is not if, but when, Libby will spend a little time in ClubFed. It is obvious that he was doing the dirty work for his loser boss.

Don't get me wrong I do not feel sorry for Libby. He will get to spend time penning another novel.

Maybe the key characters will be a dumb President, a nasty VP who can't shoot straight and a goofy reporter.

HHHMMMM I forgot, Libby writes fiction.

Barry Bonds: PLEASE Retire

Barry Bonds is a good baseball player. He could have been a GREAT baseball if not for all of the drama surrounding him.

Where shall we begin? Let's start with him being a jerk. Then he became a jerk who may have taken something accidentally.

Then there is is buddy who has been to jail because he has some undying loyalty to mr. bonds.

The looming indictment for a whole host of offenses.

During the great home run race EVERYBODY turned a blindeye to the shenanigans in the locker room.

I don't blame, the Giants for trying to not to pay mr. bonds if the feds show up the night he breaks Hank Aaron's record. I am sure ESPN and You Tube would have a field day.

The most honorable and only unselfish act that mr. bonds could do out of respect for Mr. Aaron is to retire and go away.

But the owners could have solved the problem by not tendering an offer of continued employment. I guess that smacks of collusion but that should be familiar to MLB.

It is a little darker in Texas

Molly Ivins carried the torch for the progressive movement. Even through she had been battling cancer for years, the Bush administration, seemed to give her the will to write.

W will forever be known as Shrub, because of Ms. Ivins. With her passing, the glow of her torch has been extinguished. She know belongs to the angels.

I speak for many when I say, we celebrate your life, by continuing the work that you began.

Enjoy your eternal rest, your work is done.

Brendan's Wall of Shame

Great post.

Stuck in the Elevator

Yesterday was the day from hell. After a lengthy client visit with one of my more challenging clients, I found myself stuck in a garage elevator with one of my employees. Not one of my hot male employees.... I guess that wasn't appropriate. I digress.

Of course the emergency call system did not work, so I called the hotel. While we waited in the very cold elevator for help, my employee's phone rang. On the other end of the line was our client.

What is so important to this misadventure, is my employee began the conversation by telling our client that we were stuck in a elevator.

The client then proceeds to drone on about an issue that my associate could not address without our computer system. Unbelievable.

I hate my clients.

After twenty minutes we were freed from our cold tomb.

BTW I am claustrophobic. God does have a sense of humor.

Goodbye Mr. Sheldon

I was a sophomore in high school when The Other Side of Midnight hit the book stores. My father purchased it for my mother. They were conservative when it came to what I was permitted to read. In this case, my parents turned a blind eye to my soaking up this popular novel.

It was my first racy novel. Over time I cruised through his other books.

His writing was such that you simply could not put down his books. There were many days that I showed up to school sleep deprived.

Thanks for the sleepless nights, rest in peace.

The winner of the John Kerry Award: Joe Biden

Senator Joe Biden is a dumbass. He one of those good ole' boys who just doesn't know when to stop speaking.

My question to those who do not see the problem with his commentary: When was the last time a WHITE person was described as so articulate?

No further questions.

Senator Biden you can pick up your award in the Senate Chambers. You will end your political career sitting next to John Kerry. A local Dunkin' Donuts owner operator will provide coffee and donuts.