Wednesday, February 02, 2011

$100 fee for Birth Certificate

h/t mithras

I suppose the purchase of these birth certificates should close any budget gaps.........

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Honorable Chris Smith (R) NJ's Foreplay

Anyone familiar with the trek up the NJ Turnpike is familiar with the horrible stench along the way. I always attributed it to the local industry. Little did I know the stench hailed from the not so Honorable Chris Smith proud card carrying member of the Republican Party's local office.

The Conservative Mantra is deregulation and shrinking of the government. Soooooooooo why do THEY have this need to constantly try to control a woman's body.

An abortion is paid for by the government, in the event of rape or a mother's health is at risk.

Chris Smith wants to change the definition of rape.  Saying "No" is not enough for Chris. She has to be drugged and assaulted. Isn't the very nature of rape is a violent act........not a sexual one?

For the sixteen lady Republicans that fell in line with the Republican boys, they have no place in policy making.  Go home, put on a flowered apron and bake Viagra sprinkled cookies.

The Republicans complained that Obama failed to focus his attention on jobs. How does this bullshit bill put the unemployed back to work?

Clearly, Mr. Smith has never gotten laid voluntarily. But really, should he try make his foreplay legal?

h/t Think Progress