Thursday, May 31, 2007

He has lost his mind

I wonder if he has "President" engraved on his bib?

A-Rod Sportsman of the week

When children are introduced to any sport, sportmanship is the highest honor for any athlete to earn. For A-Rod to pull the stunt that he did is just crappy.

A-Rod is a walking overpaid headcase who is a gifted athlete but all those qualities do not make him a MAN.

Kristof: Progress in China

Words with action is meaningless

George Wills continues to drink the Kool-Aid

George Will reminds me of the poor slob hanging on to the myth of a relationship that was only real in his head.

Join the Party

Susie is close to the 2 million mark. Check her out.............

Cohen: Global Mood

Crappy politics good for the economy?

Gawande: Obama Health Plan

The one issue everyone can agree on it that the current health care system is broken. The key is to identify the Presidential candidate who has the courage to develop and implement a Health Plan that benefits the consumer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stop the funding....

To continue to underwrite a party that is not a representative voice is just silly.

NYPD the face of oppression, Bob Herbert

Of course they harassed the minorities AGAIN in New York. It never ceases to amaze me who end up being the face of oppression.

These kids aren't the ones committing the crimes. This isn't anything new. My ex-husband grew up in Philly during the Rizzo years. It was such a common occurrence for him and his buddies to be "stopped and frisked". They just anticipated it.

Finally, his parents shipped him off to a boarding school in New England. His best buddy's parents sent him to a private school in suburbia. This was done for their protection. They survived the Rizzo years of police brutality. Somehow, my ex and his best friend's anger did not prevent them from becoming successful humans.

How many parents have this choice? A long as Chris Matthews keeps reminding his viewers how safe he feels in New York, this behavior by the establishment will continue.

With Nutter as the assumed Mayor, will Philly turn back time? Remember Rizzo proudly prevented any riots after the King assassination.

Will Nutter where a nightstick with his tuxedo at his swearing in?

Funny how some folks are willing to relinquish minoritie civil liberties for their perceived safety.

Brooks: Gore returns as Spock

I really need to read Gore's book for my own interpretation.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Its all about Barry...

The only way Barry should enter the Hall of Fame is by buying a ticket. He will go down in history as the meanest, nastiest selfish players that ever played the game.


Freeper rejects Guiliani Supporters

Trouble in conservative paradise?

The Lady represents her constituency

So this is what an person elected to REPRESENT the voters looks like...........

A lifestyle choice?

I get so bored with people pretending to be poor. Four congressmen are the latest well-heeled types to venture into the distressing world of the poor, sort of. Where did they sleep? In their comfortable homes no doubt? Did they have electricity? Gas for their car? Cashflow for car repairs or unexpected events? What about affordable day care for their kids or seniors?
Did they suspend their insurance benefits? Or the contributions to their fat pension?

It is not real until you really have to fret about where your next meal is going to come from. They did not have to suffer the slights or whispers that come from being poor. Or the inane suggestions or criticisms.

Most people are uncomfortable around poor people. Unless they are providing some menial caretaker service for them. Heaven forbid they actually have a meal with "those people."

It would be nice if the four horsemen, did something useful for the real poor people in our country instead of engaging in silly experiments. Why didn't they go to the local welfare office and actually talk to one of "those people."

Better yet, how about simply going to their own garden? Shouldn't be too far of a walk. GRRRRRR

What he said.......

Brendan always has an uncanny way of getting right to the point.

Another one bites the dust...

I'm sure Ms. Taylor will land a cushy job in a Republican think tank.

A prayer for the Unknown Soldiers

When a war veteran finally returns to what used to be a normal life the re-entry is challenging for the soldiers and their families.
Daily living is a challenge. Returning from a war adds another layer to the complexities. Physical scars are obvious. The mental ones are not so evident.

Our society has conditioned us to be less tolerant of those who suffer from mental disorders. If you break a leg, going to a doctor to fix it would be expected. Getting treatment for a broken psyche somehow is viewed as odd or weak. It is not discussed openly. A hushed tone is more the norm.

Our illustrious Commander-in Chief calls on us to support our troops. It would be wonderful, if he would have prepared our brave soldiers for a safer return home. The outpatient care for our wounded is as broken as Shrubs policies.

What about the soldiers who joined the military because they had no place to go? For whatever reason, these soldiers do not have any friends or family. Who is waiting for them when they are discharged?

Some do not even have a home to return to. These warriors joined the military for a place to sleep and three squares. What happens to them? Who provides them a soft landing?

You rarely hear about these soldiers. Who mourns for them when they are killed in action? Who receives their silver stars? Who writes their tragic stories?

As Memorial Day weekend comes to a close, let's pray for the weary soldier who has no loving arms to greet them or fix them a burger.

How dare he...........

It was disturbing but not shocking that Shrub used a solemn occasion to justify his war, again.

Betrayal: Krugman

Historically, when a war comes to a end, a white flag goes up, a sword is surrendered and or a treaty is written. Someone either seizes or is empowered to do one of the aforementioned acts by an authority figure.

Bush and company drug our country into Iraq. Our soldiers are right smack in the middle of a civil war. There are at least three sects who want control of the sand, people and oil.

Once we either no longer fund this mess or simply pull our troops out, to whom do we either accept or provide a sword?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott, War Czar

The way Walmart treats their employees is an ethics breach. Walmart is notorious for tormenting their vendors. They NEGOTIATE really low prices. I wonder if the suppliers profit margins are close to Walmarts? Why wouldn't the CEO demand perks from his vendors?

Why didn't Bush demand that this jackass become the War Czar. You know, God, glory and country. Sacrifice for the war effort.

I bet that he could NEGOTIATE with the war profiteers. They would deliver the supplies cheaper and faster than the war criminals who are currently screwing the troops. Hell, our great grandchildren would not be stuck with the bill for the fiasco in Iraq. How much was earmarked to continue this mess?

If you recall, in the wake of Katrina, Walmart had an effective Disaster Recovery Plan.

We just have to stick those dumb yellow dots on the tanks. Clean up in aisle Baghdad..........

Love Actually

I never knew..........

Thank God I am not alone


Isn't war profiteering treason?

Of course they want to privatize the oil first. I am so glad we have our priorities.

Independent third party anyone?

Susan Tabas Tepper: I hope the brat goes to jail

I hope the lady brat feels entitled to assault her staff lands in jail. Just because SUSAN TABAS TEPPER was lucky enough to have Tabbas blood running through her veins, does not give her the right to treat another human like crap.

No anger management sessions, no fines, JAIL time for the bitch. I hope the judge puts her backside in the local jail for a month.

This sense of entitlement is just annoying.

Upon her release Tepper should be forced to work for one of her snotty neighbors......

Gawande: Health Holes

The health care system is fractured because of the insurance companies AND the health care delivery systems.

Set up urgi-care systems in rural and urban areas. Stock them with Physician assistants, Nurses and Doctors who want to work off their expensive education bills. Retired docs are welcome too. They can provide wellness and non-emergency care those of us with health insurance take for granted.

This would drive the costs down. The wait time in the doctor's office and emergency room will be reduced as well.

Everybody wins except for the greedy insurance companies and health care delivery systems.

Arrested While Grieving: Bob Herbert

Bob Herbert wonders aloud while this behavior is tolerated. It is acceptable because it only targets minorities.

In Philadelphia, Republican lite candidate Michael Nutter ran on a "stop and frisk" platform. He won the Democratic primary with double digit figures.

Educated white liberals threw money at his campaign. Why? Because they will not be inconvenienced by the police intrusion on their daily living activities. It is a common occurrence for a minority. I stopped counting how many times that I was stopped when I was driving a Volvo.

My old lady Alero seems to have reduced the number of random stops.

I wonder how often Mr. Nutter is stopped when he is travelling in an unmarked car.

Stopping a bunch of kids going to a funeral is deplorable.

You wonder why working and middle class minorities are fleeing the cities....

Good Luck Philadelphians, you're going to need it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Will this Monica be the final blow to Bush?

Were you waiting for "Monica" to twirl her hair and say "Oh My God" during her testimony?

My apologies to the aging Valley Girls.

Eagles Coach's sons may end up in a special court

It is evident, Andy Reid's sons have substance abuse problems. Their cases are destined for a "special court" for folks with similar problems. This dynamic duo were shuttled into a program to straighten out their lives.
This is where they should be.

I just have to wonder how many poor kids are given this option?

Delco teen released on 250K bail

Unfortunately, this well bred Drexel student killed her baby. What is clearly sad is that she could turn to no one to discuss her predicament.

She is not the first woman to have an unexpected pregnancy, nor will she be the last.

I wonder how she will be treated by her family and neighbors. Will her grandfather's money buy her an insanity defense? A sane person wouldn't give birth and stuff the baby in the trunk.

Whether she serves time or walks, this woman will have to live with her choice. From an outsider's view, her fear crippled her decision making.

Who hasn't made a bad decision or worse no decision based on fear?

Face it, society punishes women who have sex. I will keep this young woman and her family in my prayers.

Six more soldiers dead

Thanks for nothing Congress. You will not be able to wash the blood of these brave kids off of your hands.............

Brooks, Catholic Boom


Have we forgotten about the ruined families then and now because of the rouge priests and the cardinals who hid their sins?

Krugman, Immigration and Politics

As usual Krugman makes a good point...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Immigration insanity

The immigration issue has been a problem since our government declared our "Manifest Destiny." This country was built on the backs of slave and immigrant labor.

The US is the only country that turns a blind eye to the exploitation of NON-WASP labor. We have outsourced working class manufacturing jobs. Furthermore, businesses have outsourced internally service jobs. The gentlemen who repaired the roof in my complex spoke very little English. Businesses do not pay these guys US living wages. They do not have health coverage and I doubt they are listed as employees for purposes of workers compensation or taxes. What happens when they get sick or hurt?
They are replaced by a healthier substitute. Maybe if these employers provided a living wage, they would not to take advantage of these desperate people.

On the other hand, I am equally appalled by the arrogance of these folks who are here illegally to demand anything. I doubt that I could cross a border in France, take a low paying job, and make such demands. Please don't even compare yourselves to my ancestors who came here involuntarily.

I have zero problem with the immigrants who entered our country legally. Let's streamline the process for immigrants. Employers need to provide a safe environment for all of their employees.

There is a immigration bill in the works. Congress and Shrub will screw this up too.

Shrum eight time loser

Politics is the only profession where losers continue to get jobs or book deals. Why on earth would ANYBODY hire a strategist who hasn't won an election?

It befuddles me why so many strategists get air time and are gainfully employed. Earlier this year I attended an ethics conference in Vegas sponsored by Campaigns and Elections. 98% of the speakers and attendees were old white men. Throughout their presentations, many dropped names such as Ronald Reagan and Howard Dean. Are your kidding me?

Needless to say, their message were as dated as the names they dropped. One gentlemen who owned a direct mail company opined the "web" was not a relevant tool.. How do you respond to that statement? Members of the audience did not contain their laughter.

I was amazed how many participants came from different countries. I had coffee with a gentleman from Dublin. I dined with a campaign manager from Trinidad. Both men were stunned by the voter apathy in our country. Bush frightened them. Despite our "issues" our country is the gold standard. We have managed to transfer power without bloodshed for over 200 years.

I left the conference with one key lesson. The reason politicians don't speak to people like me, a gainfully employed, educated black woman is because their consultants don't reach out to the working middle class. Race is a factor but CLASS is the primary issue.

When will they learn? Maybe when the LOSING consultants are sent to the unemployment lines.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Former Rove Aide pleads the Fifth

Funny how members of the White House discover their Constitutional Rights, after they systematically ignored sections when it applied to the rest of us mere CITIZENS.

I am returning to my sick bed. My cold is less annoying than these bastards.

Vote Caging

It's a long but informative post.............

Another reason, more people should at least TRY to vote.

Apathy is consent.

Management Sucks

My child was four years old when I separated from her father, my husband. Due to life's circumstances, I became self-employed. With the help of my family a flexible schedule, taking care of my daughter was never an issue.

In my current role, my primary responsibilities is to manage a staff. Most of these employees either have children, are trying to make children or are the "go to" member of their family when problems arise. Family is important. Having a life outside of work is mandatory.

My management style is less rigid than many of my peers. My staff knows that we have to take care of our clients or WE don't have jobs. There are times when staying late or working a Saturday is necessary. If they work during their workday, overtime should be the exception not the rule.

However, life happens. Cars don't start, kids or parents get sick, friends and relatives die.

I have found that when the employees do not take advantage of my good nature and the good will of their peers, there is no drama.

. When one young lady buried ten members of her family in six months, she had to go.The key is not to take advantage of the freedoms granted.

The bitterness arises when people feel like that they are being "played."

OH Congress

88% think Shrub should be impeached. Need I remind members of the House, you only serve two year terms.

Changing the rules: Male Masturbation illegal?

Maybe the Suburban Guerilla is on to something...........

Lieberman whines......again

Is this point where I am supposed to say "thanks Joe?"

We need an alternative choice

A few years ago, I yearned for an alternative political party. We have the Repugs and the Repug lites. I struggled to embrace either party. One party just hid their elitist racism a litlle better than the other. At least when I arrived at a Repug event, they assumed that I could afford to be there.

My friend told me that I was nuts. "We have to work within the current political system," as she sighed. After the Repug lites "caved" on the timeline to withdraw our troops, she no longer thinks I have lost my mind. At least about this issue.

Our country was not founded by Republicans or Democrats. These parties emerged when our democracy was in jeapardy. If our democracy is not at stake now, I really can't imagine things getting worse.

Do we want shrill Hillary or another Shrub in the form of Guilliano? Either option is simply more of the same.

We need a sane alternative. Ralph Nader is not an option.

Conneticut Voters, NOW have buyer's remorse

If you are over 21 you have a list of dumb things that you have done and wished that you didn't. Some stuff can be rectified with an apology, a check or pencilin. Other dumb things set your life in a direction for which you struggle to recover.

It is one thing to do something stupid and only you suffer the consequences. It is another to have your mistakes affect other people.

This brings me to the CT voters who embraced Lieberman. If he was a state Senator, then he would be YOUR problem. But NOOOO, you loony bastards are making the rest of us suffer with you.

Talk about misery loving company.

Love me less you Bastards.

Mistakes I made a few.....

What a shock, her boss wasn't completely candid.........

Gore inhales......clam dip


Mr. Traub said that, as he followed the ex-vice president around, the Goracle was “eating like a maniac: I watched him inhale the clam dip at a reception like a man who doesn’t know when his next meal will be coming.”

Sick Day

Most mornings, I consume too much coffee, then I ride my bike for about 10 miles along a local trail. I don't use an Ipod or a headset. I just suck up the sounds of the outdoors. The singing birds, rustllng of the leaves and morning traffic. This practice has helped me deal with my staff, boss of the week and my clients.

When I rose on this beautiful morning I could barely lift my head. After four days, my cough was not as painful. My natural voice is a cross between Laureen Bacall and Kermit the Frog. Some men find it sexy. The past few days I sounded like my Daddy.

I really shouldn't complain. I can't remember the last time a cold knocked me on my backside. I have a cold. It will run its course. It has forced me to slow down. My life has become saner in the past year but by choice I have an interesting life.
I have gotten better about overbooking. I am no longer so nuts that I had to schedule down time. My BF still cracks up about that drama. So do I.

The timing is actually good. Yesterday, our corporate e-mail went down. Three months ago, if this would have happened, the abrasive, biker, IT guru would fuss but our down time was kept to a minimum. No one knows what or how it did it but he kept us working. He somehow was deemed expendable.

When we notified the outsourced helpless desk, they called Dell. We still have no e-mail. Think about this for a second, our outsourced help desk contacts another outsourced help desk. Adding to the joy of it all, we had a meeting yesterday with our Chief Technology Officer and the Corporate Risk Manager. The CTO thought we were pulling his leg when we told him the system was down.

The now Chief Executive Producer, who had this outsourcing brainstorm, just sat there nursing his chronically wounded ego. Before the meeting he was pouting because he was not formally invited to the meeting. He found out about the meeting by chance. I assured him that he was reading too much into the incident. Just because upper management stopped inviting his predecessor to mandatory meetings was a mere coincidence. This was the gentlemen who has been demoted twice in the past two years but still makes 55K more than me. I digress.

If I wasn't sick, I would not have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather as I sit on my underused patio.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thanks for that visual....

Bush a third term?


Krugman: Don't blame Bush

"What we need to realize is that the infamous “Bush bubble,” the administration’s no-reality zone, extends a long way beyond the White House. Millions of Americans believe that patriotic torturers are keeping us safe, that there’s a vast Islamic axis of evil, that victory in Iraq is just around the corner, that Bush appointees are doing a heckuva job — and that news reports contradicting these beliefs reflect liberal media bias.

And the Republican nomination will go either to someone who shares these beliefs, and would therefore run the country the same way Mr. Bush has, or to a very, very good liar."

Illegal and Mean

Time magazine questions the legality of the hospital assault on Ashcroft....

Cold Hard Cash

I hope the "fat lady" is wrong.....

"Less popular than gonorrehea"

Of course the troops don't deserve raises, you fighting in a mindnumbing war for no particular reason. Shrub will pray for you but not take care of you medically or financially after doing his bidding.

Maybe if they were gratifying Wolfie or some other member of the administration, they would get fat raises....

I can not muster more contempt for this administration.

His term is up when?? Ugh

Welcome Back: We missed you

Susie took time away from her popular blog to work as Tom Knox's press secretary in the hotly contested Philly mayorial race...

The Recovery Phase
Posted by Susie in My So-Called Life, Blogosphere ( at 8:56 pm)
I made some small steps toward reclaiming my life today. I drove to the local Comcast office (it had a security guard, which shouldn’t have surprised me - but it did) to swap out the cable modem.

Nope. Wasn’t the modem.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been online much. That’s because I don’t have internet access very often. All day, in fact.

This time, they sent a senior tech. This guy actually seemed competent and conscientious. He tested the line at the back of the house and informed me he had to “refer the problem to the line crew.” The line crew, he promised me, would fix it within 48 hours.

“Oh, it’s okay,” I said. “I’m already used to never having internet access.”

Leave "Hammering Hank" Alone

When Hank Aaron was pursing THE record, he travelled that path alone. MLB did not give him security or props through that magical journey. He endured death threats, before, during and after he broke Babe Ruth's records.

For him to be attacked by ANYBODY particularly colored journalist is reprehensible.

Barry Bonds is a nasty human being who happens to have mocha skin. You do not get a "being an asshole is ok" card because you are a talented athlete.

The shame of it all, is that Bonds did not have enough faith in his 'gift" of an awesome swing.

There are tons of stories of how he treated the "help" and his peers in the locker room.

MLB is worse because the league turned a blind eye to the steriod use that was common knowledge. The league was caught up in the HR excitement and lost its way.

Hank Aaron has never received the respect and honor that he deserved. For him to be drug into this mess is sad.

Hank Aaron is a hero. Barry Bonds is an asshole.

I get warm all over just thinking about it....

It would just be lovely if Fredo was frogmarched out of the White House. This administration has surpassed the Grant administration with scandals. Well done.

Why did Wolfie have this gig in the first place?

Wolfie has resigned, but please do not besmirch his reputation. Fear not Wolfie, you took of that messy little matter yourself.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I predict, a decision early Wednesday morning

A former city councilman held an early lead in Tuesday's Democratic mayoral primary over a millionaire business executive and two congressman.

Michael Nutter, who gave up his council seat to run for mayor, had 33 percent of the vote with 42 percent of precincts reporting. Businessman Tom Knox had 28 percent, followed by U.S. Reps. Bob Brady and Chaka Fattah.

Nutter surged in the final weeks of the campaign after spending months attacking two-term incumbent John Street, who is barred by term limits from running again.

The Democratic primary winner will be the overwhelming favorite in November. Nearly four of five city voters are Democrats and the city has not elected a Republican mayor in nearly 60 years. Business leader Al Taubenberger was unopposed in the Republican primary.

Mourning period over

I was going to wait a day before I threw dirt on the man of God. But, this post is too good to ignore...


Our congress is working on something real....

Death of a Financial Planner

Ten years ago, I met my financial planner. He pitched for my Mens Adult Baseball team. He pitched well until his body began to fail him. When he wasn't in a uniform, he dressed like a mafia Don. They guys called him the Ultimate Male. UM was always busy, busy, busy. His deals were big, big, big. At the end of the day, he sold life products. Not sexy, but an honorable gig.

Talking to UM was a struggle at times because it took him forever to make his point. UM was a bright guy. The problem was he always felt compelled to share his wisdom. Always. UM set up my Simplified Employee Pension. Whenever, I would get nervous about the market, he would remind me that I was investing for the long term. Breathing was always a good idea, he gently counseled. To date, his wise counsel has served me well.

After Shrub was elected the second time, our quarterly sessions became harder to get through. I have become less patient with those who actually voted for the Jackass. Last year, I told him to just mail my statements.

A couple of weeks ago, he called, very upset. He was just escorted from his building. Why? UM failed to meet his numbers. Typical termination procedure. It is bad enough to lose your job. The "walk of shame" is really not necessary.

He worked for this brokerage house for 30 years. Like the beautician whose hair looks terrible, he did not plan for his future.

UM never expected to retire. The UM who shared breakfast with me was tired, angry and defeated. For the first time, he looked older than his years. He reminded me of Dustin Hoffman in the "Death of a Salesman."

UM always suggested unemployment is always the fault of the unemployed. He has become one of those people. His career is tied to his identity. A terrible habit by most career types. (Of course, I don't know what that looks like).

Suddenly the UM, spoke of his working class roots. He never spoke of his father before. I think I would have enjoyed meeting him. As a human, I think it is terrible what happened to him. OJ ran to his black roots after he was " persecuted". It amazes me how unemployment prompts people to shed their Republican ideology. In time, UM will discover that he is not defined by his work.

I hope he finds peace and a job.

They do it, because they can

It's easy to screw the poor because it's their fault.....Sigh

Impeachment remains the only option

Bob Burnett has seen the light.........

Allies turn back on Wolfie

I guess after a senseless war, our allies have had the shits of this administration.

Bob Herbert: The "right" to be sick

I have been lucky enough for most of my career to have the "right" to be sick. Most of my clients have been skilled nursing facilities or not for profits. The workers are responsible for taking care of our children, the disabled and our seniors. These are our caretakers. We leave people that we love in their capable hands.

Because of the low pay, they rely on overtime or another low paying job to pay their bills. This leads to fatigue, which leads to illnesses and injuries.

My daughter loved her job as a YMCA counselor. The kids loved her too. She learned at 20, to shelve her fulfilling job for one that pays better.

As we continue to age, it's highly likely that WE will have to rely on these folks to wipe our backsides. So why don't we take care of them now, so they will be happy to take care of us later.

Just when you think you can't

I literally get a chill reading this story......

Newt Gingrich, Sensitivity Playbook

I was listening to NPR on my way to my afternoon "greeting" duties. The feature story was Fredo and Andy Card's hospital visit John Ashcroft.

Ashcroft was in his sixth day of intensive care when this dynamic duo showed up to get him to sigh off on the domestic spying crap. According to James Comey, Ashcroft struggled to lift his head to refuse their request. Like the criminals they are, this pair slithered into the night. As you know, it passed without his signature.

The gang of bullies will stop at nothing to further their fucked up agenda.

What is it with the need to deliver information to a hospital bed. This is pulled out of the Newt Gingrich sensitivity playbook. Ashcroft's wife should have called the police.

I guess Andy Card has to be added to the list of war criminals.

Shrub has finally sunk lower than Nixon. Unbelievable. They stole the first election. Lack of voter turnout, ensured the second term. The French had 80% voter turnout. The lack of citizen participation leads to hmmmm this administration.

If you don't think voting matters, read the transcripts.

Polls close at 8.

Moral Majority?

What a timely post.......

Falwell Dead

Whether you like Falwell and his antics or not, he changed the political landscape in this country. He was very instrumental in getting Reagan elected. Our country is still recovering.

Peace be with you.

Election Day Blues

The mayorial race in Philly turned real ugly as the primary campaign came to a close. No one is surprised. Unfortunately, for my BF she is caught right smack in the middle of the drama. I hope her guy wins because he has made his money, so there will not be need for him to use the office to make more. This will be good for the city and suburbia. I guess. I hope. Unless he fires everybody, the lifers employed by the city may just make his life miserable. The other candidates have done very little to serve the residents of Philadelphia.

I took the day off to "work the polls." For my first shift, I was stationed at the local library. The follow of traffic was awesome...for "story time." The folks of voting age simply did not want to be bothered. During my three hour shift, I counted fifteen voters. Four actually took Democratic literature. In my neck of the woods, this is news. One resident returned to vote and brought me a vegetarian sandwich. Both gestures made me happy.

Those who arrived to actually vote were seniors against referendum on income tax. They weren't sure why but it had to be bad because it is a tax. These were some of the same folks who were upset because it took so long to clear the down trees after a recent storm. Sigh. They want an infrastructure but don't want to pay for it. In this community, the tax will not affect our lives.

It's a primary for local offices so I expected the turnout to be low but not this low. Our area had record turnout last November.

My afternoon shift is at the local skilled nursing facility, I wonder if the the flow of traffic will pick up.

If you have an today, take a few minutes to vote. What happens at the local level has a direct impact on your daily life.


Only the good die young.......

I was standing on the train platform in DC on Friday when my phone rang. When I saw that it was my daughter, due to the time, I knew something was amiss.

When I answered, she was sobbing out of control. At first, I thought she said that her Dad was killed in a car accident. I was two hours away, I immediately thought of who I could dispatch to comfort her. After I few minutes, she clarified that it was a close friend. It was unfortunate, but to lose your dad is a different kind of hurt.

Her friend was 20 years old. They met a couple of years ago. I knew he was special because he drove her nuts in a good way. They were involved in a youth group that encouraged substance free living. By the nature of their relationship, I always thought they would find their way back to each other.

The driver of the other car was speeding on a country road, lost control and struck his car head on. He was taken to a real hospital but the head injuries were too severe to save him. Speed was the issue, no drugs or alcohol.

It is so sad to see a good kid struck down so young. Spiritually, I know that he is a good place, but that does not alleviate the hurt his loss has brought to my daughter and the community.

Saturday afternoon, a storm enveloped our little town. It was raining torrents. Suddenly, the lightning struck my daughter's car, activating her car alarm. With her alarm, she had to go to the car to turn it off. To her dismay, she had to venture into the storm.

Upon her return, I assured her that her friend was just letting her know that he was OK and tormenting her one last time.

It was the first time she smiled in 24 hours.

Rest in Peace, my young friend, your work is done.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wesley Clark knocks O'Reilly on ass.

Haven't seen or heard much from Wesley Clark lately. But when he emerged from the shadows, he knocks Bill " I just make shit up" O'Reilly on his ass.


They are supposed to work for us!

Somewhere along the way, members of this administration, forgot the fact they are PUBLIC servants. They serve at the will of ME and YOU the taxpaying public.

I want a refund, with interest.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Security will escort you to the door...

In my little world, if you pull a stunt like this, security will carry your crap to your car.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Class Warfare

By sending these volunteer military heroes into fraudulent war, Shrub has terrorized them. But who cares? It is someone else's child, husband, wife or parent. The only evidence of war is the occasional short story. More time has been spent on the Anna Nicole and American Idol.

This war has been created by a bunch of blowhards who did not see anytime in 'Nam. Of course they had better things to do, get married, make babies, work a campaign.

Until we recognize the class warfare taking place on our shores, the insanity will continue.

Wolfie's Blunder

Wolfie is right out of the Shrub school of arrogance. He simply does what he wants, whom he wants, when he wants without fear of accountability.


Impeachable and Unforgivable

Never in our country's short history, have we experience such an abuse of power. Tragically, this administration has been given a free pass.

How unfortunate for our country.

Kudos to Neon Gods

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why can't they just leave 'em alone

I simply do not see the need to attack someone who is different.

Tourism is Jamaica's only form of revenue. Until they treat their gay population, I would not recommend funding their economy...

Hoyer's staffer hangs up on Citizen

Members of Congress really need to understand, they were not put into office to generate meaningless non-binding resolutions. While Shrub is history, these folks need to understand to whom they report.

For a staffer to hang up on a polite caller is unacceptable.

Halliburton, Cheney & Terrorists

A fitting title from Crooks & Liars...

Powell & Tenat: A Pair of Pussies, Punks, Pricks

I generally try to stay away from "dugout" language. No other language is appropriate to describe this dynamic duo.

Tenant and Powell are worst than Shrub, because they knew better. Remember when you were a kid and you were held accountable for your younger sibling's behavior. Why? "Because you knew better." In sane families, this is a means of teaching a teenager responsibility.

it takes real men to take a stand when there is something at risk. HMMM soldiers lives pops into mind. Resignations from Powell and Tenant may have stopped this farce.

For him to save his story for a publisher is treason. His blood money should be donated to the outpatient unit of the Walter Reed Hospital.

Rove learned from the Master

David Greenberg...

Game Over

Screaming at the TV does not help. When Shrub hijacks the airwaves, it's just plain annoying. With his well rehearsed bravado, Shrub vetoed a bill to fund the troops. Boy, he showed the Democrats. I was waiting for him to stick out his tough and say "There, I showed you." To point out the absurdity of his behavior would be redundant.

Since Shrub declared "Mission Accomplished" four years ago, why does the game continue?