Sunday, September 28, 2008

South Philly Witness Protection Program for Palin

Since when did South Philly serve as the Witness Protection Program for Republican Vice Presidential Candidates?

h/t Booman

Bush the MBA President

I suppose W slept through most of his classes. He proudly boasted of his poor grades. Cs do get degrees.

It is amazing how much damage one administration can do to a democracy. He has walked to the beat of his own drum. When W didn't get in the way, Pappa sent in his SWAT to quietly clean up his mess.

Unfortunately, W was too stupid, stubborn or both to listen to his Dad or any adult for that matter. Pondering simply did not occur.

I assume crisis management is one of the required courses in any MBA program. To our horror,  W and company has created one crisis after another.

McCain's campaign is one crisis after another. The selection of Palin as his runny mate speaks to McCain's judgement.

His attitude about the economy and his erratic behavior this week scares me. If he can't manage himself and his campaign, how on earth is he going to manage our country?

Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job. Life was so simple then........

No Thanks to McCain's Suspension Bridge to Nowhere

A friend of mine always calls to chat after significant political events. Late Friday, we conducted our own week in review wrap up.

Sadly, we concluded that McCain is actually worse than Bush after we watched McCain's non-campaign. 

For the good of our country, he should terminate his campaign and let the adults salvage what's left.

I trust McCain learned one lesson this week.............

Don't mess with David Letterman

KKK invades Debate Site

I'm glad Time published this article. What is not lost on me are two glaring points, the leader of this organization chose not to provide his name and there were students who asked for additional information. 

Like it or not racism and bigotry is deep in our country's DNA. The Obama campaign has brought out the best and the worst of who we are.....

With the Klan, you know where you stand. What frightens me are those who don't acknowledge their bigotry. Speaking about those people when you don't think someone you speak of is in the room is a problem that the Republicans do not have an exclusive.

Litigatormom welcome to the team

This is an example of how important the debates are with this election. Every vote counts.

Join me in welcoming litigatormom to the the Obama team!

McCain Humiliated at his own party

If true, this explains why McCain refused to even look at Obama........

I guess if I was unprepared for a meeting that I orchestrated, I would be humiliated too. 

h/t Josh Marshall

McCain, Horseshit, Debate

h/t Brendan Calling...

I missed it but Brendan didn't

Lance Rogers Hosts Rally for Joe Lieberman

I received an robo call from Commissioner Lance Rogers. He is hosting a Rally for Joe Lieberman today at 3:00 pm. 22 West Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA

Lieberman should be shown a little Philly love.....

Bailing out the Bastards

I don't know about you but this just chaps my backside........

AIG: Bullishit Balance Sheet

"It is hard for us without being flippant, to even see a scenario within any kind of realm of reason that would see us losing one dollar in any of those transactions."

-Joseph J. Cassano, 
 former AIG insurance executive
August 2007

The day after Cassano uttered that sentenced, he should have fired and the books examined.

By creating this hybrid product these criminals were able to skirt the insurance regulators. The bottom line was this was an a re-insurance product.

What does that mean? Insurance companies rarely assume all of their risk. Depending on the nature of the risk, re-insurance companies buy the coverage at a certain level. For example, after claim reaches $500,000 a re-insurance carrier starts paying. This is all seamless transaction to the paying customer.

AIG as usual was playing by their own rules. Well, the rest of us have to play industry rules and regulations. What entity was created to make a ton of money without reporting their activities. This was done to intentionally. Isn't intent a criteria for pressing charges?

The feds are looking into what brought our economy to the brink of collapse. My hope is a whistle blower will emerge to assist with the investigation.

Cassano should be rooming with the boys from Enron and WorldCom.

But we should really need to look at our societal values. Clearly, we learned nothing from the dotcom mess. McMansions, multi-properties, easy credit brought us all to this point.

Our priorities are fucked up. Our human and physical infrastructures are woefully underfunded. I make a decent buck and pay a lot of taxes. Spending our tax dollars wisely should be an issue. 

When a bridge collapses, it does not discriminated by party affiliation. When our kids are not prepared to compete in this global economy who pays? Everybody. 

Outsourcing jobs has become the norm. What drives my company is Revenue by Employee. By outsourcing entry level jobs,  the immediate result is improved margins.

Let's look at the long term implications.  A person learned or business from the ground up. By performing these funky tasks one learned the business. Remember apprenticeships or internships? Well folks, these are gone. If you don't have an expertise, staff development simply does not occur.

In the dark ages of the '80s, insurance companies hired college graduates and put them through internal schools. This included, knowing what do with all of the silverware in a restaurant. It was an investment in you and their future. 

What is critical, you were given an opportunity. Hell, a clerk with a high school diploma who worked smart would be given an chase to work his or her way up.

My God what if anything have we learned from recent events?

Lidge: Sure Load the F@#$%ing bases

For the most part, the game was not eventful, until the last inning. Just for the theatrics of it all, Lidge our money closer, loaded the bases. Ugh.

I am watching in horror, running numerous outcomes in my head, none good. "Once again, these bastards are not going to wrap this puppy up until the last game. If they don't blow that game." Lidge should be called Ledge. Now, he gets nervous. Mix up the pitches and for God sake keep them low. You are not alone, just throw a double play pitch. You don't even have to strike 'em out. Holy hell."

It is amazing how many scenarios can run through your head in between pitches.

Then it happened, a clutch play by trashing talking J-Ro.

Unlike, Gonzalez, the author of this piece, and his buddy Wax, I was a sophomore in college, the last time the Phillies the series.

I know what that looks like and I want another....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Conservatism, Voodoo Economics and the Elephant in the room

h/t smirking chip

Long but worth it....

Ed Rollins: GOP Party First

The House Republicans are putting the party before our country..................hmmmmm

Keating, McCain, & Babs

Lady Boxer swings a big hammer.....

Only in Philly

The Fighting Phils control their destiny. All they have to do this weekend is just win.

That's what scares Philly fans. Myers the wife beater was terrible the other night on the mound. He seemed to implode right before our eyes. The cameras captured the horror on Charlie Manual's face after hit number 9 in the second inning. We watched batting practice.

Should we roll over the Nationals? Ah Yah....

But ask the boys at USC about playing a team that you should roll over.

Off to Costco, to buy some Tums.

Bailout the working class?

Good luck with that one........

Evangelist Tony Alamo arrested

Let's see another self-righteous preacher arrested for sex crimes against kids.

I wish this was something new.

Oregon State Topples USC

At the beginning of the college football season, fans of the game, naturally put a a check mark in the win column for USC for this game.

Well folks, somebody forgot to tell those kids at Oregon State. The showed up, played well and WON.

Good for them.

Attytood: McCain's Madman Theory

h/t Will Bunch

The McCain known Only to Brooks

Clearly Brooks knows a man, we have not seen. How McCain has run his life speaks to his character and judgement:

Savings and Loan Scandal
                                                Supporting Bush 90 percent of the time
Palin, Palin, Palin
                                                The economy is fundamentally strong

What have we missed?

Washington Mutual: Game Over

Who's next?

Bonuses, Bush, Bailout, McCain to the rescue?

Today, I finally got off the roller-coaster ride just to catch my breath. To say the last fifteen days working as a mid-level insurance executive has been a nightmare is an understatement.

AIG has been doing their own thang forever. For anyone working in our business to say they were surprised has been sleeping in a cave somewhere. The underlying insurance companies are fine. The AIG executives, like everyone, got neck deep in the mortgage bullshit gambled and lost.

What is so not funny about what is happening in DC is the lack of accountability and responsibility that the Einsteins who ran these companies into the ground.

Personal responsibility is the bedrock of the Reagan Republican platform. Remember how Reagan demonized the welfare queen?

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You spend beyond your means, its your problem. If you fail to keep a job, its your problem.

Now we have a bunch of greedy bastards on Wall Street who gambled with big dollars and lost. The fired or still employed executives are pulling down multi-million salaries and bonuses. How come they are not forgoing at least a portion of their salaries to save their companies?

The Bush-McCain team has brought us to this point in history. Deregulation means no one is watching the store. The end result is has brought us the biggest economic collapse in our history. 

Have we forgotten the two wars we a waging that are costing we the taxpayer billions of dollars while Bush and Cheney's buddies are making money off of no-bid contracts?

McCain, who has not voted on a bill since April, as the economic implosion was occurring a week ago, said our economy was fundamentally sound, flew to DC to do what? A White House photo op? This is straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.

Eight years ago, the fine citizens of our nation, used "somebody I could have a beer with" as a criteria to chose a President. Four years later, Kerry was Swiftboated. 

McCain's first decision as a candidate chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. My fellow citizens have been smitten Governor Palin.  The polls are a dead heat. My God.

The FBI is conducting an investigation. You and I know someone was screwing around with the books at a level worse than Enron and Worldcom to get their bonuses.

As for Paulson, he and his posse created this mess and we are to give him a blank check and say "that's fine Big Daddy we trust you, again."  His solution was a 2.5 page document. My annual business plan and accompanying budget is longer. Trust me my budget does not include that many zeroes.

Are you kidding me?

Is personal responsibility only for the working poor and middle class?

We don't need a Maverick who didn't bother to read Paulson's extensive bailout plan to run our country. He actually appears to be less inquisitive than Bush.  What are McCain's solution to this economic crisis.

As for Palin, sigh. Putin flying over the no fly zone of Alaska equates to to foreign experience?

My head hurts.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain Team Tries to Shutdown Troopergate

If the Lady was properly vetted, the McCain team would have shut this down before or simply took a pass.

Following his gut, McCain just had to have her........

Lewinsky was an intern in charge of ordering Pizza. Our nation security was not in jeopardy. 

Gloria Steinam: Palin, wrong, wrong, wrong

I've never been a single issue voter, unless the issue is HUGE. McCain & Palin are wrong on everything.

Its great to see Steinam supporting Obama.

Palin to appear voluntarily: Yeah, Right

The Alaskan legislature will be issuing subpoenas. Palin is not on the list. Why? There is the expectation she will keep her word and voluntarily cooperate.

What's that sound? Not the sound of melting glaciers, but hell freezing over.

Stormy Weather

The plan for today was for me and my daughter to register voters. Due to the horrendous weather, performing our civic duty will happen on another day.

With Sports Radio in the background, it is a welcome present to find a couple of open hours in my schedule.

Who are you Sarah Palin?

Too funny not to share....

Sarah Palin & Rick Warren Read the Constitution

"Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life; if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has been regulated it cannot be a bad one."

-Thomas Jefferson

Right Wing Christian Zealots

"The only time anyone's admitted they were a Christian before was when they were busy telling me why they're better than me."

                 -Randy K. Milholland

Too often, we forget why people fled England. Religious freedom was there priority. All long as you don't mess with kids and leave me be, I will defend you right to celebrate how you choose.

All I want is to be afforded the same courtesy. Palin even being near the White House makes me nervous.

Rescue Me: Paulson to bail out Fannie, Freddie

Homeowners who make uninformed decisions are told "oh well". Once again corporate entities who engage in uninformed decisions are bailed out by us the taxpayers.

It sort of takes you back to the Savings & Loan debacle.

Whom was involved in that mess?

Walter Reed Hospital, Walter Reed Middle School

Just like the economy, McCain has admitted to not knowing much about the Internet. However,
one would think somebody on the McCain staff would know how to use Google Maps.

On the other hand, this is a guy who doesn't know the Pakistani borders. Yeah, I want him running my country. 

How can you support the troops if you have clue where they are?

The McCain camp, the gift that keeps giving.

Letter from Alaskan Resident

Read the whole letter

A resident of Wasilla

McCain should hire a food tester.....

Ray Didinger: Da Best Sportswriter on the Planet

A friend of mine knows that I am a huge sports fan. The sports and entertainment practice of her law firm sponsored a NFL kick-off event at her firm Thursday. The featured speakers were Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger.  She had no earthly idea who they were but knew I would love it.

Not surprising, the event was packed with testosterone. Out of about 200 attendees, I could count the ladies on one hand.  Pat Cirroccihi, a local newscaster, my friend, the rest, associates who had to be there.

There was a buffet of local football fare: hoagies, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, hot dogs, and beer. 

I have been a huge fan of Didinger forever. He is by far the best sportswriter on the planet. When he appears on the local radio and TV shows he serves as insightful sane one with a wicked sense of humor.

My mission was to show my appreciation for his work without having him call security. One of the attendees that I was chatting with introduced me to Glen MacNow.  How he is on the radio is how he is in person. Funny, warm and engaging.  Being a radio personality, I had no clue what to expect looks wise. Attractive, average height, balding, with deep dimples.

I told him I was a fan of his but a bigger fan of Didinger. He roared with laughter. He thought it was cool, that I was a fan of sports writers.  "How would you like to meet 'the man'?" he offered. Like a dork, I just flashed a big old smile. Again, he laughed and said "I'll take that as a yes."

Didinger was surrounded by attorneys holding court. Macnow interrupted the gathering. "Excuse gentlemen, but lady is a fan of Ray's and wants to meet him." 

As Didinger emerged, with a cross expression of surprise and amusement, Didinger extended his hand and said "Really?"

Trying to maintain some level of cool, I told him my mission tonight was to fawn over him shamelessly. With a hearty laugh, he said," by all means fawn away. It's rare for a lady to enjoy my work." The three us of talked Philly sports until they " did their thing." The two of them have a show on Saturdays where they shoot the shit about sports, which was how they conducted their talk.

It was awesome. My friend was thrilled I was thrilled. "It's funny, I just assumed they were football players", she said. I sighed and shook by head. We both laughed. "

My kid brother is fan of Macnow and Didinger. Because I couldn't help myself, I had to tell him of my encounter. He was appropriately happy for me and jealous.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Wilson Sisters: Cease and Desist

I guess asking permission from the artists BEFORE using a song is simply too much trouble...

I'm glad the Wilson sisters spoke out.

More details on the investigation

The aid involved in this mess, has been suspended with pay. How convenient?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I got your Community Organizers Right Here

h/t Brendan calling

Tom Raum: AP Writer

Mr. Raum has stars or something in his eyes or he was not one of the millions who ACTUALLY watched the Obama speech.

His audition to work for the McCain White House is painfully obvious.

If he was employed by Fox news, I would give him a free pass. But he is getting a check from the Associated Press which is supposed to be objective.


Community Organizer Job Description

Obama like most community organizers seized actual responsibilities that were ignored by business and government. I wonder if the people he helped thought that he didn't have any responsibility.

Newsflash: The Republicans still hate people who do not look like them. How freakin' patriotic.

Fired Trooper speaks out

Why do I think there will be a quiet wrongful termination payout?

"Political Bullshit about Narratives"; Peggy Noonan

Memo to Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy

You just never know when a mic is on

Love and Kisses Rev. Jesse Jackson

Troopergate continues

h/t tpmuchraker

The trooper union has sued!

More to come...

RIP Russ challenges the MSM to do their jobs

h/t Rip Russ

The MSM carried water for the Bush administration during the lead up to this fiasco in Iraq. If they had did their jobs maybe my grandbaby and his children would not be stuck paying the bills for this mess.

The McCain team is coming out of the shoots pushing back the media. A strategy clearly taken from the Rove playbook.

My only hope is there are enough citizens who will not buy this nonsense again and vote with their pocketbooks.

I have and will continue to register new voters in SE Pennsylvania. More often than not, I am registering Democrats. There is a need to open a Democratic office in the Oxford, West Grove area. I grew up in that area and you had to register Republican but quietly vote Democrat.

The change is here and maybe the MSM will catch up to it.

Lady Palin, Self-Made Woman, please