Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Now I get it

Since these attorneys were competent, there was no room for them in this administration. We can't have that now can we???

Sleepless in Seattle

Woods King of Golf

I love Tiger, but this is not news....

Nobody Cares

It is a shame that this many foreclosures are occurring. No one keeps track of this because no one cares. It just happens to "those people." I am not saying the former homeowners should get a free pass in this mess, but they were clearly exploited.

The "American Dream" of homeownership is beat into people's heads. Renters are looked upon as less than adequate or deficient in some way. So when presented with a chance to own a home, they jump on it. No doubt at their peril.

When the unwitting are exploited everyone pays. New Century, the now struggling specialist in subprime loans, had a direct impact on the stock market. Unless all of your investments are in bonds, YOUR 401K took a hit last week.

These mortgage brokers are criminals and should be treated as such. They knew these people couldn't afford these homes but they had to meet their numbers.

Brady for Mayor??????

I don't live in Philly. But I sure would want the person who manages the city to know what "vesting" means. For one of his minions to attack Knox under the circumstances is just silly. His high powered legal team should have prepared him for his testimony. Sometimes showing up is not good enough.

I wonder if Brady understands what an expensive legal retainer is....I hope he gets his money back.

Shrub Eight

This administration never ceases to amaze me. In a previous life, the White House Press Secretary flambeed Clinton for evoking executive priviledge about a very private matter. Bill and Hill exchanged vows. Hill's ambitions or actual love for that man caused her to stick by him. That is good enough for me. It was the self righteous who felt compelled to make a consensual sex act between two adults a national issue. Newt was a collateral damage of that misguided waste of taxpayer money.

Shrub and Company arrogance and incompetence surfaces daily. Either Shrub endorsed terminating the 8 attorneys or he had no idea what was going on.

We now have 18 missing days of e-mail, maybe the citizens will demand from their newly elected congressfolk to begin impeachment hearings.

Gore's passionate testimony

If only......

Monday, March 19, 2007

If he can't handle being Boooed,

If McCain doesn't have what it takes to endure being booed, how can he possibly fight the bad people, who want to kill us?

Zip it baby, Zip it real good

Tony Snow is showing signs of being defensive. As we face a fourth year in Iraq, I guess he has grown as weary as his fellow citizens of this war. The difference is he can walk away from his gig as Press Flak anytime he chooses. The only damage will be to his ego. I am sure Fox News will provide him with a well paid soft landing. The same can not be said for the soldiers and their families who have been unjustly put in harms way.

To repeat all of the catch phrases and administration assessments on this anniversary would be simply piling it on.

They have no idea what SUCCESS looks like, nor does anyone. With that in mind, it is time to conclude this horrendous game.

Let the games begin

Sometimes sorry isn't enough

Weather is a challenge that we all face. It should come as no surprise weather presents challenges to airlines.

Passengers get pissed off when they are lied to, and no steps are taken to corrent the problem quickly.

By George, I think they've got it

If yoi drive a huge gas sucking environmentally unfriendly vehicle don't complain about the cost to drive it.

Sestak body slams Delay

Why is Delay given a public forum?

Why is free?

When will he share a cell with Libby?

Alberto should just fall on his sword

Gonzales should resign. Unfortunately, Shrub will just appoint another nitwit.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

SHHH, Don't tell anybody, but Robert Novak

Valerie Plame speaks....

Mortgage Predators

Why is it, those not in a position to defend themselves get screwed? The victims in the scam of predatory lending are those trying to buy a home.

Those scamming the victims will have the mortgages, these folks can't afford to pay for, are backed by the government.

These people should go to jail for fraud.



I am one of the lucky ones. I am in a very clean room in the the Four Points hotel in Charlotte, NC. My destination was Philadelphia.

Last Wednesday, I embarked upon what I thought would be a short trip to and from Vegas for a conference. That was the plan.

I will chat about the conference in another post.

I arrived to the Vegas airport Friday afternoon at high noon, the recommended two hours before my flight. I sailed through the self-service kiosk and security without a hitch. I was on my way home, or so I thought.

When I arrived at the gate, I noticed the area was packed. The 11:30 am flight to Philly was delayed and all of the NJ and Newark flights were cancelled. It was not lost on me that the 4:15pm flight to Philly was cancelled. Not a good sign.

A short time after I setlled into my seat, a spirited man plopped next to me. He gave me a cheery hello. He was a handsome blonde with funky glasses to match his hair and attire. From his accent, I knew that he was from Canada.

Within a matter of minutes, he volunteered that he JUST had to get to Philadelphia. He works for a university in Calgary. University business brought him to Vegas. The love of a woman was taking him to Philadelphia. The love of his life, lives in Geneva. Her work as a pharmacutical sales rep took her to NY.

Their original plan was to meet in NY. Due to the weather, he instructed his 'baby" to hop on Amtrak and meet him in Philly.
Worse case scenario, she is to proceed to Richmond and he would meet her there. " I just have to see her", he explained softly. " Clearly," I responded. He went on to tell me, " You just don't understand. We have this small window of opportunity to see each other. If we don't see each other this weekend, we will not see each other for another three months." Oh, was the only thing I managed to mutter. He continued with his story. " We have had this long distant crazy relationship for seven years. There are exes and children involved. These carefully planned weekends are the only human time they have together."

"HMMM, I sure hope that you are worth it," I teased him, trying to add some levity to the situation. Judging from the slowness in his response, this thought never crossed his mind. He smiled and said, " Of course I am."

As they announced, the delay in our departure, my Canadian friend, paced and checked in periodically with his "baby."

I was not as optimistic as my new friend. I chatted with my best friend, who was working on my plan B. She was firm, "Philadelphia is a mess, there is no way you are coming here." She was checking out hotels and alternative flights out of Vegas. If they cancelled the flight, I knew that I had a place to sleep. It did not appear that I would get out of Vegas until Monday. So not good. I remained cautiously optimistic. My Canadian friend, said "we will get out of here and I will see my baby."

I was more concerned about flying into a snowstorm, though my heartached for my new friend. In the background, they announced that we were about to board. An hour late, but we were headed to Philly. My friend called his baby and informed her he was on his way. Little did we both know, our trip would be rerouted.

At 11:00pm the pilot announced that we were headed to Charlotte, NC. The news gets better. All of the hotels were booked, there were no cars to rent but the RED CROSS arrived on the scene to provide cots. They promised an airline representative would provide flight information.

This was not the first time an airline has lied to me. Nor would it be the last lie provided by US Air.

After we were dumped in terminal C, we were greeted by a rep. He informed us that we were to go to terminal D, immediately because Homeland security performs their security sweep between 2-5am. Violators woud be arrested. He informed us where to go for the cots. But he assured us, two additional planes would be added to the schedule on Saturday. Further, the special services desk would open at 5 am. We should be on our way to our final destination by Saturday afternoon. He did not specify what Saturday.

I followed mindlessly behind my fellow dumpees to terminal D. The Red Cross was there. I retrieved my cot. No pillows, no blankets just a cot. I then searched for a quiet place among 700 of my closest friends. Once I found my spot, I was tired, cold and a little hungry. I found myself buying a few available things for fear of their unavailability. The guy behind me in line expressed my thoughts. " I'm not hungry now, but I might be later."

The Starbucks and Burger King remained open all night. I purchased my first of three vanilla lattes at 12;30 am. Young Chang was pleasant on each of my visits. The hot coffee seemed to provide the warmth that lacking in the cold airport.

On my way back to my cot, I passed my Canadian friend, who was in a complete meltdown. He was demanding his luggage from the TSA agent. Unless, she was flying to meet him, their rendevouz was not going to happen. That was the last I time I saw him.

Most of the folks in this make shift cot city were respectful. The conversations, faded about 2 am. Then the asshole found the microphone. He felt compelled to snore into this intrusive toy, shattering the constant squeeking of the cots and the soft footsteps of those who could not sleep. I am sure next week, I will find the humor in it.

Ironically, the asshole, is a friend of my best friend.

After a fitful night, I needed to rise to warm my now chilled achy body. I will just assume, the heat was on a timer. After retrieving another vanilla latte, I joined my dumpee friends in line at the Special Services counter at 5 am.

A US Air rep did not surface until 6:30am. He did not receive help until one hour later. My daugher, best friend and new sweetie, checked on my status throughout the morning.

When one of the US Air reps took a break at 11 am there was a mixed reaction. Some realized he had been working without a break for hours, others did not care.

It is amazing how quickly a sense of community forms. When a dumpee needed to sit, go to the bathroom or grab a coffee, his or her space in line was held. Wishes of good luck or sympathy were expressed once the weary traveller's fate was determined.

Once I finally made it to the counter, the earliest the agent could get he home, was Monday night at 7pm. The other option was to hang out in the airport and try to flee as a standby passenger. He cautioned that the standby lists are very long.

By this point, I was sleep deprived and knew that I had the financial luxury of trying to find a hotel room. I needed a bath and sleep. I took the ticket.

Earlier in the day my best friend had looked for a hotel room for me in Charlotte. She let me know about a hotel hotline near the tourist counter. Armed with this information, I found a room for a sane rate at the Four Points Hotel.

It was a ten minute cab ride from the airport. When I left the airport, the cold air stunned me. But the fresh air was a welcome relief from the stale recirculated air in the airport.

When I arrived, the clerk, promised a room but not until 3 because they were at 100% capacity the night before. As luck would have it, one of my fellow dumpees was returning the key to his room. He had a family of four and she gave him a room with a king size bed.

I told her I would take room. The clerk was concerned that a maid had not checked out the room. The gentlemen assured me the room was clean. I really didn't care.

The room was in fact clean. I contacted my friends and family who cared. Took a long bath and fell sound to sleep. I slept for five uninterupted hours.

I am very lucky. I had options. How many of my fellow travellers did not have the physical or financial means to make alternatives arrangments? Mentally and physically I was worn out. I can see why older people do not want to be bothered with flying. One passengeer was in a panic because TSA took her baby's formula. "How was she going to feed her child?"

One senior refused to lay on the cot for fear, of his inability to get up. What about those who simply did not have the financial option of rearranging their lives to adapt to changes brought on by nature coupled with USAir's mismanagement of the situation.

I am convinced that USAir, simply wanted to get the plane and the crew to it's hub in Charlote, when we left Vegas. To hell with their customers.

I am sure I will get to Philly which will conclude this chapter in my odessy. I do wonder how things turned out for my new Canadian friend and his baby.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Growing up in the 60's, Vegas was celebrated as the place to be. If you are a boomer, your thoughts turn to the Elvis movie and start humming the title song. Or even start dancing. It's OK, your secret is safe with me.

It was the home of the Rat Pack, Elvis and Wayne Newton. There were glamorous shots of the "strip", show girls and the casino floors. It was sexy and a little edgy. The mob built town has transitioned to a Corporate community. Steven Wynne and Donald Trump have replaced Bugsy Segal and Jimmy Hoffa. Because of the coporate climate, Vegas has become the fastest growing communities in the country. Jobs and the weather are the attraction.

A conference sponored by Campaigns and Elections, brings me to Vegas. I don't drink or gamble. The mini-break from my life is a welcome diversion. No complaints but daily executive drama and death of my friend have left me cold. Sometimes distance permits the space for reflection.

Since it was a clear day, the pilot gave us the gift of the view of the Grand Canyon. My previous trips west did not include this treat.

I am staying at the Flamingo only because that is where the conference is being held. My room is charming but dated. The furniture appears to be older than me. It looks like it should have been delivered to an old ladies beachfront property 30 years ago. The hotel is clean and the staff pleasant. I have a nice view of the property's manufactured garden with mountains as a backdrop.

I am still operating on eastern standard time so I did get to see a spectacular sunrise. Life is good.

Viva Las Vegas!

See you on the otherside

The services for my left fielder were last Friday. The priest conducted the service in a kind and compassionate fashion. I really wasn't sure what to expect. The team has a large Catholic bloc. The term mortal sin was kicked about.

LF left behind three children, one wife, a girlfriend and at least two hundred friends. I like most of the team, was unaware of the wife. We were given the impression that the wife was an ex. He lived with the girlfriend for years and never bothered to get a divorce. Just stating the facts not judging the situation. The wife and the girlfriend worked together to send him on his way.

His employer started a fund for the children. Financially they will be fine. How will they be emotionally?

This was one of the saddest services that I sat through. Maybe because he was so young. Maybe because there were two rooms filled with people who gave a shit about LF. Maybe because we didn't see it coming. Worse, maybe we did.

The team and the girlfriend gathered at the local pub. Historically, we have huddled here to rehash games. The dirty uniforms and muddy cleats were replaced with designer suits and polished shoes. The banter about blown plays and calls turned to chatter about another blown opportunity. He was only 36 was a common refrain.

His anger at the two women closest to him was captured in individual fuck you letters. Clearly, his anger with himself surpassed his anger with them.

Opening Day is April 15, I have a feeling his presence will be in the dugout. I hope he finds peace. I hope we find peace.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Suicide Sucks

For about seven years I sponsored a couple of men's hardball teams. When I first got involved, I thought the situation would merely be transactional. They would get a sponsor. I would get the tax deduction and the free publicity.

I am not sure when it happened, but I fell in love. First, I started showing up to home games, then the away games. Eventually, my kid brother played on the team. He didn't get a spot because of me, he was that good.

Then I found myself travelling around the country with this gang of ballplayers. Our passion for the sport brought us and kept us together.

After three national championships and four local championships I retired. But the love for my guys remained. When my schedule permitted I would find my way to a few games. i was always showered with love.

This morning, I received a call from a dear friend who served up several winning seasons. I could tell by his voice, things were not good. The last time I heard this tone, my third baseman's mother died after a tough illness. That was about five months ago. Funny it seemed like less time has passed.

Hey Lady, he stammered, LF killed himself this weekend. As he spoke in disbelief the magnitude of the situation was seeping in. LF, his position not his initials, has been struggling with depression, drugs and alcohol for years.

His girlfriend finally had the shits of it and exercised tough love. He was clean for 12 days. No one is sure what prompted his suicide. Clearly he was in despair.

What is truly sad, men are not encouraged to feel or deal with their pain. It starts in little league. If a kid gets hit by a stray pitch, his coaches and parents yell "Don't rub it."

If they get hurt on the field they are not permitted to cry. "Don't be a pussy." Only girls cry. This is beat into their heads by this faceless dictatorial body called "society." I would love to meet this people, and let them know I don't like their rules.

Boys learn at an early age to bury their feelings. Or numb their feelings through drugs or alcohol. Sometimes their hurts or fears bubble to surface in the form of anger or rage.

There is collateral damage associated with these fucked up societal rules.

There is a cathartic release tears provide that is socially acceptable for me to experience. When LF is laid to rest this week, I know there will be grown men in tears. Mine have not stopped. Being a girl, it's ok and that is not quite fair.

I hope you find peace on the other side my friend.

Dow closes down 64

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

General Kiley should live with the injured troops

Maybe instead of jogging through the campus, he should have to live there.

I just hope the soldiers receive help after the camera lights fade to black.

Age of Anne Over, I doubt it

How dare you be too poor to leave before Katrina struck

The vile just keeps seeping out of the CPAC convention. Newt Gingrich wants the victims to be investigated.

How dare you people be subjected to institutional economic racism.

How dare you people be not be smart enough not to move out of a state where the educational system is deplorable.

How dare you people not have the money or the transportation to leave the state when the storm warnings came.

How dare you people to work at below slave wages and have no disposable income.

How dare you as a people be so poor and so black that you put the spotlight on this country's contempt for you.

How dare you people not to be able to anticipate the magnitude of the storm.

How dare you people expect help to come in the form of your government.

How dare you people expect millions of tax dollars not to be pissed away through fraud and malfeasance.

How dare you people not to sit in the boardrooms where decisions are made to outsource your jobs

How dare you people make rich white people uncomfortable enough to be shamed but not shamed enough to do something to ease your pain.

How dare you people not having the courtesy or luxury to be born white and rich in our wonderful country.

How dare you..........Newt Gingrich

Sunday, March 04, 2007

But they can't pay the Katrina claims

Most insurance carriers have what is called reinsurers. Which means another carrier or syndicate will assume the risk after the claims reach a certain value.

Funny how the insurance companies are doing just fine. It's not complicated, if no money is going out (payment of claims), those companies keep that money. Then they pull out of the market. Yep, it's legal. Insurance companies have always done this little dance. Always.

Remember it is the one item, you voluntarily pay for and have to fight like hell to get them to provide the service which is to pay for legitimate claims.

Clinton belongs with the ages

David Geffen said what a large block of voters are saying. It is not Hill's time. It would great if she put those running her campaign in the unemployment lines. Their big lumpy machine has become as useful as a Hummer on a city street.

The Clintons had their day in the sun. Bubba is making more money than he ever imagined. He has put his name and muscle behind some very good causes. Hill can return to NY. There are plenty of wonderful things they can do to help the world.

Returning to the White House is not one of them.

Where was the MSM?

Immediately upon taking office and emboldened by 9-11, this adminstration simply did exactly what they felt like doing.

The MSM for fear of being called a traitor, sat back and watch the Shrub simply ignore the Constitution. Shrub was the type of President our founding fathers were concerned about. Congress was not helpful. They systematically stripped us of our rights. NONE of their take-aways have survived the Judicial challenge.

Where was the MSM? Fretting about being invited the fucking Holiday party.

The NY times has finally awaken from their slumber.

it's about time.

Better buy CD's

Last week was a bumpy ride. Bernake tried to calm investors fears. Gary Duncan has just made my head hurt. Read it if you dare....

This week I will just hold my breathe or accept the fact I will always work... ugh

Housing Boom's Collateral Damage

It is safe to say, two years ago, the interest rates were low and anybody could get a mortgage. Mortgage brokers were falling over themselves to get the deal done.

Others were using the equity in their house like an ATM card. It was nuts.

I had one employee who was so anxious to get a house because he had to have one. He did not anticipate, the furnace breaking and the need for little things like furniture. He never sat down and crunched the numbers. He simply could not afford the house he bought. Once the electric bill showed up, he realized that he could heat or cool his home. He graduated with honors from Franklin and Marshall.

I have another employee who habitually runs up his credit cards then pays them off with a home equity loan. He will be dead before he pays off the loan.

As the interest rates creep up, so do the foreclosures.

Maybe some people should scale down the size of their home or simply wait.

Farmers new labor pool: Inmates

Face it, farming is hard work. Most people raised on a farm, grow up and away from this type of labor. Our farmers for years have relied on immigrant labor using the played out argument, Americans refuse to do this work. What is not said, is that Americans refuse to work in terrible conditions for no money.

Now these poor farmers are using prisoners because the immigrants are fleeing Colorado. The enforcement of immigration laws are sending shock waves through this exploited community.

Solution? These farmers are paying non-violent inmates 60 cents an hour.

I have a novel idea. Why not pay these inmates at least minimum wage. When they are released from prison, they will have acquired marketable skills. The money could be used to pay fines or get them started on their new life.

Or the farmers could employ these newly trained workers and pay them a LIVING WAGE.

Ugly Face of the Republicans

Annie Coulter is the face of the Republican party. Those old coots remind me of the dorks who fawned all over the mean skinny cheerleader who made them do her homework. Then refused to be seen in public with them. How pathetic...

It wasn't until the grassroots drumbeat forced the MSM to even mention it. Of course it wasn't a lead story on the tube. The top newpapers buried in the newspaper.

These same talking heads droned all for weeks about John Kerry's poorly delivered joke. Where is the outrage? Where is the apology?

Ah, to be tall, thin, bottle blonde and nasty, automatic free pass.

This may reset Madame Speaker Pelosi's table

Madame Speaker's first declaration was "Impeachment has been taken off the table."

Well, if enough states utilize ballot initiatives to address Impeachment, Madame Speaker's table may have a few additions.

This past election sent a message to everyone. Citizens want their Representatives to do something. No one will quarrel about impeachment hearings. Maybe Shrub and Company. They all should go to jail.

For more information write to

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The middle a position? Like the missionary position?

Making nice with the Republicans now is like having sex on the first date. There may not be a second date.

Best Careers 2007

It's funny my career is not listed. BUT my former boss' job is the first one on the list...
That's just not right.

Liberal resurgence, not fast enough

Blair channels Shrub

Tony Blair was once a very popular Prime Minister until he came under the influence of Shrub. How sad.

The one blessing that the Brits have over their biggest ally, the vote of no confidence.

Lucky bastards.

Blair's Platinum Career Day

Tony Blair's friendship with Shrub cost him his political career. Blair is young and has a young family. As his rocky career comes to a crashing end, he has arranged a Career Day for his next gig.

I wonder if there any openings for jock strap holders?

I'm sure Shrub would give him a good reference.

GOP Presidential Candidates push Annie Coulter under the bus

The GOP boys running for POTUS, after a news cycle, pushed Annie Coulter under the bus. It is about time. Maybe, if they distance themselves from this wretched person, she will STFU.

Haliburton, founding member of the axis of evil

Just when I didn't think news about Walter Reed Hospital couldn't get any worse, we now find out it was "outsourced" to a Haliburton subsidiary.

Clearly this farce of a war was manufactured so that Shrub's country club posse could exploit the taxpayers. It's OK to send our citizens off to war in order for these bastards to make a buck. How much money can you spend in a lifetime?

Our country is is up to our ass in debt. Deficient spending is OK if you are the federal government. But it is harder to file bankruptcy if you don't have a job to pay your bills. It is amazing how much damage has been done to our country in such a short period of time.


Baby shots, Market drops, Hirsch informs

My daughter just started a new job, so she could not scoot out to take her son to the doctors. My schedule lends itself to flexibility, so I took my grandbaby to the doctors. My dad was always willing to assist with this task, so I was satisfying my karmic debt.

This four month appointment involved shots. Wonderful. The little man and the nurse sobbed uncontrollably.
I looked at this crazy bitch and reminded her that she is a trained professional.

After that nightmare, I loaded little Mr. Handsome up in his massive carseat/carrier. The carseat weighs more than the baby. As he was whimpering quietly in his car seat, I settled in to listen to the news on NPR.

Well, the first bit of lovely news was the market plummeted. At one point, it dropped by the lowest percentage since 9-11. The spin was the market was "correcting" itself. Our ties to the global market place resulted in a direct hit. The Chinese market nosedived and our market joined them. The late afternoon computer drama did not help the situation. My headache was getting worse.

Next up, Terry Gross interviewed Seymour Hirsch. He is a good writer, but he never brings great tidings, per se. Tuesday was no exception. He was basically saying, that our country was inadvertently funding our enemies, through the mismanagement of this dumb war.

I began to whimper with my grandbaby.

Those poor kids

First the tornado, then this tragic accident. It was a tough week to be a kid.

No Asshole Rule

What if the asshole is your boss of the week???

Don't you have to be a Democrat to give the Democratic Response

We did not have a honeymoon after the 2006 election. First Pelosi pulled impeachment off the table, now Reid has Lieberman give the Democratic response to his boy's radio address. Help me.

I think it is really time for the emergence of a strong progressive party. We forget, at the inception of our wonderful nation, the political parties were not Democrats and Republicans. Reid, Lieberman and Clinton are looking out for their agenda, not ours.

At critical times, in our history, a third party emerged. I think we are once again at that critical period. The mere fact, Lieberman was not pushed under the bus in August, is astounding to me.

Everytime, that SOB opens his mouth his arrogant cluelessness is on display. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOSE FOLKS IN CONNECTICUT??????

Please stamp RETURN TO SENDER on Lieberman's backside and give him a one way Amtrak ticket home.

Shake up at Walter Reed Hospital

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is making changes after the despicable conditions were reported at Walter Reed Hospital.
Finally, an adult has surfaced in the Shrub White House. Judging from Gates' tone in his press conference, I think we can expect more changes to come.

I hope the Lieberman endorsed Gen. Kevin Kiley is the next to tender his resignation. He was the jackass, who actually blamed the recovering soldiers for the conditions.

What is sad, the treatment of the injured soldiers, is further evidence, this administration was not prepared for all aspects of this war. I guess they thought these kids would just be killed.

Supporting the troops is more than riding around with a yellow ribbon on your SUV.

Call your Congressperson and demand action.

Of Course Lieberman likes Kiley

Christian Republican Annhandled by Coulter's goons

It was bad enough, Annie Coulter called John Edwards a faggot at this conservative conference, she had her boys toss a Republican Christian out of her session.

What ever did he do to little Miss Annie?

Dan Borchers is writing a book about how Ms. Coulter is actually hurting the Christian Conservative movement. My guess is Mr. Borchers' is truly a Christian Conservative.

Where I come from, the Christians honor the mantra "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." If Annie embraced this Christian concept, she would have nothing to say.

I can't wait to buy Borchers' book.

Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a Faggot

Ann Coulter has to be the nastiest person on the planet. When she says something mean it is not longer shocking. What is offensive, is the MSM gave the queen of nasty a free pass. It does not seem quite right. What doesn't she have to apologize?

Oh because, she is blond a conservative. This is further evidence that the MSM has lost its soul.