Monday, May 11, 2009

On the road...again

My corporate travels (travails) have brought me to the soon to be succeeding state of Texas.
What if Texas left and nobody cared? Peace Out.

A friend recommended writing a thesis on "What if Lincoln, encouraged succession?" It would keep me busy. 

I digress.
First stop, Houston, tomorrow night Dallas. A Leadership meeting then off to visit a new client.

It is funny, how all Hiltons are starting to look alike. Tonight, I will get through dinner while as I will find out how grateful me and the crew should be to work for this fabulous organization. I really thought the travel would decrease but I find myself continuing to rack up frequent flyer miles.

In this economy I am grateful to be working but do not need to be reminded of it. There are three of us from the Northeast who actively avoid sitting next to our Sr. VP while the West Coast contingent practically sit on her lap. They drink to much and talk to much. The Pre-Leadership meetings always last too long.

My goal is to keep a very low profile and run back to the hotel before they hit the bar for after dinner drinks.

I don't drink and really would prefer to do anything other than spend an evening with most of these people.

At the last event, I won an award for leadership in Process Improvement. Well, when they strip you of resources, humans to do the work, we had zero choice. Necessity my friends.

The ultimate plan is to get through tomorrow without more work, but I am not that optimistic.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ah Arlen

Talk about making a deal with the devil, Arlen is all about Arlen.

As a voting citizen of the Commonwealth I'm not sure what we have gained by this backroom deal. I am suspicious of decisions that are made on my behalf particularly when I wasn't asked. This falls into that category.

Maybe I'm missing something, but if Obama thinks Arlen is going to fall in line, he's nuts. He has always followed his own rules. At least he didn't lie about why he switched parties. Would he have lost next year? Maybe. With politics things can turn on dime. Ask McCain.

I didn't vote for Arlen and it is unlikely I would have voted for him next year. He is 79 years old, I would like to have the opportunity to vet my Democratic nominee.

Not cool.

Jack Kemp, If only

I will join others in mourning the passing of Jack Kemp. I had the opportunity to meet him when he was Bob Dole's running mate. (Long story)

His definition of social responsibility included Civil Rights for folks who did not fall in the grumpy old white guys club.

I'm sure his attitude was shaped by how members of his Buffalo Bills football team were treated. Sports have a funny way of breaking racial barriers. At the end of the day, talent trumps racism.

He and Dole activitely fought about a ton of issues, but Kemp was not pushed out of the infamous big tent. This was a time, when the Dems were a mess and the Republicans were engaged in the 80-20 rule. If we agree 80% of the time we can work together.

Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Anne Coulter and Sarah Palin are the face of the Republican Party. Their tent has been reduced to a pup tent whose welcome mat clearly states: PISS OFF, to folks who don't who don't think like they do.

Personal, fiscal, and social responsibility are only for folks who have low or no income. It has to be their fault, if you can't keep a job or have sex when and with whom they think appropriate.

Dear God, can you image the headlines, if one of Obama's girls were pregnant? Obama has a prescription drug problem or was working on wife number 3?

I believe it was W who didn't see a spending bill he didn't like. He and the compliant Congress who paid for a WRONG war off the books. Shall we talk about the derivative nightmare?

Sorry folks, there just aren't that many poor black folks who did not make their mortgage payments to ruin the economy. The bankers and those who failed to mind the store should be in jail, not receiving stay bonuses.

No one was watching anything. Responsibilty. Please.

Is the Republican Party dead? In it's current incarnation, you betcha.

The citizens of our nation instinctually mistrust one party rule, so there will be the emergence of another party.

Too bad the Fab Five, didn't spend more time with Kemp, they may have learned a thing or two.

Enjoy your rest Jack, you earned it.

Friday, May 01, 2009

For this moment in time

Last year like many other citizens, I spent time and money to get Obama elected. Bush has left a horrendous mess and a legacy like no other. I'm sure not the legacy he intended. But what was often overlooked were his SCOTUS appointments. Eventually, we will pull out of Iraq, clean up the financial mess and put criminals in jail for treason (maybe). Bush's picks will be around long after the HazMat team cleans up the toxic waste left behind by the Cheney-Bush team.

Obama's appointment(s) will cement his place in history more than his current and future successes.

Clarence Thomas is evidence that skin color alone should not be a litmus test. I really don't know what he sees when he looks in the mirror. But the last time I checked he was a Black Man. You would never know it judging by his voting record.

There are plenty of QUALIFIED left leaning students of the constitution who do not have any old Y chromosomes.

The future is now. Do the right thing, President Obama.