Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election 2010

Election 2010 will be the most important election of my lifetime. Not to be melodramatic, but what happens on this day will determine what course this country will take.

The Republicans and too many Blue Dog Democrats have held the country hostage. It is evident, they have the personal desire to have power, not run this country.

For a bunch of reasons, I have shut down my corporate travel and spent the last month working with the Coordinated Campaign (Onorato, Sestak &Trivedi).

The GOTV activities will continue today.

What is not being reported is the ground game. The five counties surrounding Philadelphia have been trending blue for years and has been buzzing with activity. Most of my friends who basically sat out after 2008, returned to action.

I love this unperfect  President. He has done a dreadful job informing the public of his good works. He has tripped over his intellect. For being such a good communicator during the campaign, the weight of managing the country has crush that Obama.

Whenever I am in the campaign offices, there is local and national workers and volunteers.

I strongly contend the pollsters are missing the folks like me whose primary phone is not a landline. I am not in the dismissed demographic of young people who don't show up.

Furthermore, my very passionate Republican friends, are by their words frightened by the candidates running in Pennsylvania and don't get them started about O'Donnell and Paul. (I can only hope, if they can't hold their noses and vote D they stay home.)

Regardless of the outcome, Obama needs to hire a good PR person to at least get the budgets passed.

Well, the sun it out which always has an impact on Dem turnout. We don't have umbrellas??? I digress.

Go Vote!

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Trakker said...

Sally, Thanks for your activism.

I was impressed with the GOTV effort from the Dems this election. We keep hearing about the apathy on the left but I didn't see it. I saw frustration but not apathy.

The next two years will be a war, not deliberation as the founders envisioned. The right wants to smash the left once and for all. They want to live in their mythical America, which doesn't allow dissent or facts to intrude.

I hope we're ready for the fight. Until now the Democratic Party has given in and retreated when faced with a fight.