Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve

Pennsylvania is ground zero. Like most of my friends, I have been heavily involved in the election since before the Primary. Writing will hopefully ease my anxiousness. Three of my employees who have been voluteering are stuggling to remain in their seats today. Pacing in my office is permitted.

Wherever you go, the election is the only thing people are talking about. The Phillies post season actiivites were a welcome diversion. But after the parade, most spent the weekend on GOTV efforts.

When I stopped by Region 4's office yesterday it was bustling with activity. While tired all were saying we got to get folks to the polls.

My 21 year old daughter assurred me that her peers would defintely vote. She has volunteered to work a couple of hours at the polls tomorrow, which is so cool.

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Anonymous said...

A huge congratulations to you Sally. Obama took PA (and the nation!).

America will never be the same.