Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiger Woods Walk of Shame

I was sitting in terminal B-9 at a funky little cafe waiting to flee to Miami when the world stopped to listen to Tiger.

The bartender was a young woman in her late twenties and the other customer was a middle aged woman. She was on her way to meet her husband.

Of course, the conversation immediately turned to Tiger.

" He is trash, he let us down," barked the other customer.

"Us?", I countered.

Yes, us he is a role model she challenged.

I laughed." He doesn't owe US shit. He owes his wife an apology and maybe his sponsors."
She was surprised by my response.

I was married for 8 years. I respect the institution. But the vows are shared between the parties. Some marriages, I don't get (Clintons immediately come to mind.) But I don't have to get them.

Woods did not cheat the sport. He cheated his wife. Any repair is between the two of them.

He felt compelled to offer a public apology. OK.

He is an athlete, a good athlete but he is also a man...who like the rest of us are not perfect.


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