Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baby what a big surprise

When I assumed my current position, the president of the company asked me what I needed to be successful. My response: a salesperson dedicated to my product. We had this chat almost two years ago; the request was ignored.

There have been no new sales and a couple of accounts have left for various reasons. The result? Earnings are down. What is amusing, he just wrote to me and the CFO, demanding answers.

I failed to listen to my own 24 hour rule, which is: "Don't respond to dumb e-mails in the first 24 hours." (Let's put it this way, the CFO said that I should have captioned the response "No Sales, No revenue, Dumb Ass.") This is not complicated. Have a product, sell a product. This no different than a slumping hitter. He has to see the ball and hit the ball, period. Now the spotlight is on our division. The new owners will either try to save, sell or let us continue to wither away.

Time will tell.

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