Monday, September 04, 2006

Welcome Fall, Go Eagles

After a few days of what seemed like endless rain, the sun returned yesterday. Much to my joy, today the air is crisp and the sky is blue. As the summer comes to an end, football season (at least for me) begins next Sunday. My friends know that I am watching the game. Other Sunday activities are suspended until the season ends. When all eyes were on Dallas (BOOO), during the pre-season, my beloved Eagles put together a nice little football team. I loved Fraley, Simeneau and Detmer but there are only 53 roster spots and they had to go. Feeley, returns, Baskett, and Stallworth have plugged in the holes quite nicely.

I grew up watching the Eagles with my Daddy, brothers and insane cousins. When we did not converge in somebody's living room, the phone lines were burning up. My mom does not answer the phone on game day. Pop knows it is one of us, cussin' or cheering. My baby, who is almost 20 - her first words were [much to her father's horror] "Jesus Christ!" and "Son of a bitch!" She would watch the game with a "swear cup" and rake in the quarters. Unfortunately, her sweetie, her man, is a Cowboys fan. (BOOOO). Talk about sleeping with the enemy. Ugh.

It won't be pretty, but while that guy is destroying yet another locker room, the Eagles are going to sneak into the play offs.

Fly, Eagles, Fly!

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