Sunday, September 24, 2006

They're Back, Eagles Win

The defense showed up big time when the Eagles traveled to Candlestick Park and faced the San Francisco 49ers. In the first half, Jimmy Johnson's boys only permitted 3 points. The Eagles management was wise to pay Johnson a boatload of money to keep him in the fold. He is a brilliant Defensive Coordinator. Teams fear his defensive strategies. McNabb did begin the game with a little old school flea-flicker which led to an early touchdown by the offense. After last week's second-half conservatism, this play got the game off to a great start.

After last week's fourth quarter collapse, the defense played like men on fire. Brian Dawkins, arguably the best Safety in the league was everywhere. In the third goal line stance in the third quarter he knocked himself out. He did not return to the game. But he did not have to.

His teammates on both sides of the ball stepped up and recovered from last week's train wreck.

In what appeared to be a slow speed chase, Michael Patterson recovered a fumble and ran for 98 very slow yards. Clearly, the highlight of the game.

The reports that Eagles are without competent wide receivers are as accurate as the looming success in Iraq. Brown & Baskett managed the receiving duties admirably in Stallworth's absence. He is sidelined with a hamstring injury.

The fourth quarter wasn't pretty. The play was sloppy and undisciplined. There were far too many dumb penalties. The Eagles need to clean this up. Against a stronger opponent, they would have lost.

But a win is a win. Eagles 38, 49ers 24.

The Cowboys (BOOOOOO) had a bye this week so there is nothing to report. Let's hope for #20's speedy recovery.

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