Monday, September 11, 2006

Stallworth the Missing Link

The Eagles beat the Texans yesterday getting the season off to a good start. McNabb spread the ball nicely ensuring a balanced offense. A running game was evident throughout the game. A necessity to be successful late in the season. Although Donte' Stallworth joined the Eagles about ten days ago you would never know it. He went deep a couple of times. He was 6-141. I'll take those numbers any day. He scored without fanfare. I do not love the endzone celebrations, but Stallworth's businesslike approach when he scores is a welcome change. I think it is safe to say the stench of that other guy has been cleansed from the Eagles locker room.

The icing on the cake was the Dallas loss to New Orleans. The other guy went 6-80 and was clearly winded at the end of the game. I guess he should have spent more time on the football field during the pre-season than doing his Lance Armstrong imitation.

A perfect way to start the work week.

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