Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It Takes a Sportscaster to Save a Country

My affection for Keith Olberman dates back to his SportCenter days. I became reacquainted with his work through his version of news, MNBC's Countdown. Since this administration seized power, he has been the voice of sanity in what been an insane version of America. When King George was handed the airwaves of the major networks to defend his decision to invade Iraq, blessedly, the next day Keith had a response. It is evident that he takes his role as a citizen seriously.

I shared his response with two co-workers who have only recently begun to pay attention to world events. (For whatever the reason, I will take it.) The boys suddenly have something to work with. They are both sports nuts, so I mentioned Keith's commentary. (Much to my horror, they did not know that he was back on the tube. But I digress.) Since they were fans, I seized the moment. I asked the sales rep to shut the door in my office. I fired up the old computer and let Keith work his magic.

When the piece concluded we sat quietly for a bit, then we talked for an hour. Yes, ladies, two grown men talked voluntarily for about an hour. Between the two of them they have four children under three. They are concerned about the mess that is being left for their babies.

History has shown that it is usually an average man who starts a revolution. Maybe this time, it will be a sportscaster.

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