Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Corner Office

The corner office is the most coveted location in Corporate America. It represents success and power. Oh Whatever. I have mixed feelings about my office. The good news it is big, has a wonderful view and blessedly a door. On the other hand, I must walk by my staff in order to get to my office. At times I feel like I am running the gauntlet. Most mornings, I do not make it to my office before I am assailed by my staff. {Please note that I have an "open door" policy. I have never required my staff or make an appointment to see me.} To date, I have yet to be faced with a crisis that could not wait until I actually reached my office.

Last week, was particularly challenging. I don't know whether everyone was suffering post traumatic stress associated with the latest restructuring; the astrological changes; or they have just exhausted my patience.

The final crisis to be dealt with was an e-mail that a new employee sent to one of her peers and carbon copied me.

Did I need to be copied on it? Nope.

Knowing that the employee to whom she sent the e-mail would take offense, I asked the new employee why copied me. NE said that she worked for micro-managers who have punished her when her coworkers did not share client intelligence. When I reminded her that my management style was not even close to that, she was horrified. Her intentions were not to get the OE in trouble. She just wanted to document the request.

The Old Employee was so enraged that she had a temper tantrum in my absence. I had the nerve to attend a scheduled business lunch. Upon my return, I found that the OE got the entire department worked up over this e-mail.

Even after I informed the OE that I chatted with the NE, it was clear to me the OE just wanted to be angry. I let the OE begin her weekend early. What the OE has not figured out, this was not good, for her.

Fear and neither employee giving the other the benefit of the doubt is what led to this situation. What a shame.

At the suggestion of my best friend, I am finally using the door. I find that I need it for my own psychic well-being.

All things considered, I think I prefer the location of my old office. It was smaller but it was close to the front door.

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